Wild Waters Map and Brochure (2009 – 2011)

Location: Silver Springs, Florida

Years Active: 1978 – 2016

Wild Waters in Silver Springs? Remember that place? Shady trees, picnic tables, the classic water park vibe. Sadly, it’s gone now. Closed back in 2016, and the demolition crews finished the job.

For locals and Florida regulars, Wild Waters was a laid-back alternative to those mega-parks. Nothing super fancy, just old-school slides and a relaxed atmosphere. Kind of what you picture when you think of a water park from the ’80s.

The locals loved Wild Waters. Some folks are still sore it shut down, especially since it felt different from the crowds and chaos at newer parks.

Word on the street is videos of the abandoned park went viral on YouTube for a while. Creepy stuff, seeing a place all wrecked where people used to have fun. Now it’s just part of Silver Springs State Park.

Wild Waters Map 2011

Wild Waters Brochure 2011

Wild Waters Map 2009

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