Wings Over Miami Museum Map and Brochure (1990)

Location: Miami, Florida

Years Active: 1995 – 2014, 2001 – Active

Calling all aviation enthusiasts! Ever dreamed of flying alongside legends? The Wings Over Miami Museum may be closed, but its legacy lingers. This hidden gem focused on bringing history to life. Imagine soaring in a World War II bomber or feeling the roar of vintage engines! Sadly, those experiences are now part of the past.

The Weeks Air Museum wasn’t your standard collection. They kept their planes flight-ready, a rare treat for museums. You could almost picture yourself in the cockpit!

While the doors have closed, the spirit of the Weeks Air Museum lives on. Its founder, Kermit Weeks, went on to create Fantasy of Flight in Florida – a must-visit for any plane buff. And who knows? Maybe one day those Tamiami hangars will roar to life again. Aviation history never sleeps!

Wings Over Miami Museum Brochure 1990

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