WonderWorks Orlando Map and Brochure (2023)

Location: Orlando, Florida

Years Active: 1998 – Active

Step inside WonderWorks Orlando – where science gets weird! This upside-down building has been a Florida favorite since 1998. It’s NOT your typical museum.

See for yourself! Defy gravity, ride a simulated earthquake, and get your brain twisted. Over 100 hands-on exhibits turn the world upside down. Love a good laugh? The Outta Control Dinner Show is pure hilarious chaos.

WonderWorks is perfect for rainy days (we get lots of those!). But it’s also a solid escape from theme park madness. Lines are usually shorter, and you get a different kind of mental workout.

They aren’t kidding about expansion. This place just keeps getting bigger and weirder. If you’ve been before, it’s time to go back.

Who owns WonderWorks Orlando?

WonderWorks Orlando is owned and operated by WonderWorks Management, LLC, a company specializing in interactive entertainment and educational attractions. The Orlando location is just one of several WonderWorks establishments found across the United States.

How big is WonderWorks Orlando?

WonderWorks Orlando boasts a substantial facility covering approximately 82,000 square feet. This large and distinctive building is instantly recognizable by its upside-down appearance and houses over 100 interactive exhibits, making it a prominent destination for educational and entertaining experiences in the Orlando area.

WonderWorks Orlando Map 2023

WonderWorks Orlando Brochure 2023

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