Wylie Park Map and Brochure (2023)

Location: Aberdeen, South Dakota

Years Active: 1935 – Active

Wylie Park, located in the heart of Aberdeen, South Dakota, is a beloved recreational haven that has been enchanting visitors since its opening on May 30, 1935. This picturesque park, spread over 210 acres, embodies the essence of natural beauty and family-friendly entertainment. Its idyllic location, surrounded by pristine lakes and lush greenery, makes it a quintessential destination for locals and tourists alike.

Wylie Park is renowned for its enchanting theme, which seamlessly blends the serene tranquility of nature with an array of exciting attractions. Families flock to this oasis to explore Storybook Land, a whimsical realm where classic fairy tales come to life. Here, visitors can stroll through a charming village featuring beloved characters, such as Cinderella and Humpty Dumpty, set against a backdrop of meticulously manicured gardens and enchanting sculptures. Additionally, the park offers campgrounds, picnic areas, and a pristine beach, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

What time does Wiley Park open?

Wiley Park typically opens at 6:00 AM every day. However, it’s essential to verify the specific opening hours on the official Wiley Park website or contact their administration for any potential variations or seasonal changes.

Does Wylie Park have WIFI?

Wiley Park does provide WIFI access for visitors. You can enjoy wireless internet connectivity throughout the park, making it convenient for staying connected and accessing online resources while enjoying the park’s amenities.

Wylie Park Map 2023

Wylie Park Map Campground 2023

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