Xcaret Mexico Hotel Map and Brochure (2024)

Location: Quintana Roo, Mexico

Years Active: 2017 – Active

If the idea of massive theme parks makes you yawn, Xcaret Mexico might just be the cure. This place ditches the cookie-cutter rides and overdone characters. Instead, you’ll dive into underground rivers, wander through authentic Mayan ruins, and catch spectacular shows that celebrate Mexico’s rich history.

Okay, here’s the thing: it ain’t Disney-level polish. Things get a little rough around the edges sometimes. But the unfiltered, adventurous energy is what makes it special.

Insider tip: Xplor Fuego is where the real action happens after dark. We’re talking zip lines through flaming rings, amphibious vehicles tearing through the jungle, and swimming in lava-lit caves. It’s wild, it’s messy, and you’ll love it.

Xcaret Mexico isn’t about perfect – it’s about exploring a different side of a theme park experience.

Who is the owner of Xcaret Mexico Hotel?

Hotel Xcaret Mexico is owned and operated by Grupo Xcaret, a Mexican sustainable tourism company. Grupo Xcaret is a privately held company well-known for its collection of eco-archeological parks and resorts throughout the Riviera Maya.

When did Xcaret Mexico Hotel open?

Hotel Xcaret Mexico officially opened its doors to guests in December of 2017. The hotel is part of Grupo Xcaret’s ambitious Destination Xcaret project, which includes multiple hotels, parks, and attractions.

Xcaret Mexico Hotel Map 2024

Xcaret Mexico Hotel Map PDF 2024

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