Zoo Miami Map and Brochure (2021 – 2023)

Location: Miami, Florida

Years Active: 1948 – Active

Welcome to Zoo Miami. It’s a big place – 750 acres! That makes it Florida’s largest zoo. Love warm weather? This is the only tropical zoo in the continental U.S., so the animals are thriving.

Zoo Miami isn’t your average animal park. They’ve got over 3,000 creatures from all around the world. Wander through the Amazon, roam alongside African giants, and peek at rare critters like the Florida panther.

Crowds can get intense, especially on weekends. Arrive early or go on a weekday if you want the place more to yourself. Another secret – the food isn’t amazing. Pack a lunch or be prepared for standard theme park fare.

Zoo Miami’s a big commitment. If you’re short on time but love animals, consider a smaller, more specialized zoo nearby. But if you’re ready for a full-day adventure, go for it!

What is Zoo Miami known for?

Zoo Miami, formerly known as Miami MetroZoo, is renowned for its vast and innovative exhibits that mimic the natural habitats of various wildlife species. One of its standout features is its unique cage-free approach, where animals are often separated from visitors by moats and other natural barriers, offering an immersive and more natural viewing experience. The zoo is particularly celebrated for its diverse collection of animals, including rare and endangered species like Bengal tigers, Komodo dragons, and Florida panthers. Additionally, Zoo Miami is recognized for its conservation efforts, education programs, and its pivotal role in preserving endangered species and promoting wildlife awareness in South Florida.

How old is the zoo in Miami?

Zoo Miami was established in 1948, making it over 75 years old as of 2023. Over the decades, it has evolved and expanded, becoming one of the most prominent and progressive zoos in the United States. The zoo has continually adapted and grown, offering visitors an ever-improving experience while prioritizing the welfare and conservation of its animal inhabitants.

Is Zoo Miami privately owned?

No, Zoo Miami is not privately owned. It is a publicly-owned and operated zoo, managed by the Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation, and Open Spaces Department. This governmental ownership ensures that the zoo remains accessible to the public and operates with a focus on education, conservation, and community engagement.

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