Zorayda Castle Map and Brochure (1993)

Location: St. Augustine, Florida

Years Active: 1883 – 2003, 2008 – Active

Zorayda Castle is where the real St. Augustine secrets lie. This oddball mansion was built in 1883 by some rich Boston guy obsessed with Moorish palaces. Is it a bit over-the-top? Absolutely. But that’s the charm.

Zorayda Castle wasn’t always a museum. Word on the street is it was a roaring speakeasy back in the day. Imagine the lavish parties hidden away in those exotic rooms! The original owner also had a crazy collection of art and weird antiques – some of it’s still on display. Same family has owned it for over a century now.

Look, historical tours can be a snoozefest. But Zorayda Castle promises a dash of the bizarre, a peek behind the curtain of St. Augustine’s wilder side. Love it or hate it, it’s definitely unforgettable.

Zorayda Castle Brochure 1993

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