Americana Amusement Park Map and Brochure (1997)

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Years Active: 1922 – 2002

LeSourdsville Lake Amusement Park was an amusement park located in Monroe, Ohio. Founded by Edgar Streifthau, the park originally opened in 1922 as a family picnic destination with swimming amenities.

Throughout the 1940s, LeSourdsville Lake transformed into an amusement park with the addition of rides, attractions, and an arcade. The park was sold in 1961, and following heavy competition from nearby Kings Island, it was rebranded Americana Amusement Park in 1978.

An electrical fire in 1990 caused over $5 million in damages and led to bankruptcy. The park continued to operate under several different owners before eventually closing in 1999.

Americana briefly reopened in 2002 under the original name LeSourdsville Lake, but the effort by new owner Jerry Couch was short-lived as the park failed to turn a profit. The remaining rides and attractions were either sold or later demolished.

In 2017, the city of Monroe received a portion of the land to build a city park and regional bicycle trail, and another portion was sold to a local vocational school seeking to build a new campus location.

What Happened to Americana Amusement Park Ohio?

Americana Amusement Park, situated in Middletown, Ohio, shuttered its doors in 2002 due to financial struggles and dwindling attendance. The park, once a popular destination, boasted a range of attractions, including roller coasters, water rides, and live shows, all within a nostalgic setting. Following its closure, the park’s assets were liquidated, and the land was subsequently repurposed, bringing an end to the legacy of Americana Amusement Park in Ohio.

Americana Amusement Park Map 1997

Americana Amusement Park Brochure 1997

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