Aqualandia Benidorm Map and Brochure (2022 – 2023)

Location: Alicante, Spain

Years Active: 1985 – Active

Sun-drenched Spanish getaway calling your name? Aqualandia Benidorm might be the answer. Water slides, adrenaline pumping rides, a lazy river – all the makings of a perfect splashtacular day. But hold on there, thrill seeker. Before you dive headfirst into buying tickets, here’s the intel you need.

This ain’t your typical water park with fancy frills. Aqualandia’s got a more classic vibe, so don’t expect cutting-edge rides. But that doesn’t mean it’s a washout. Here’s the thing: Aqualandia packs a punch with pure water fun. Plus, it’s got a secret weapon for adrenaline junkies – insider tip alert!

Ditch the inflatable ring on Verti-Go, the near-vertical slide. Trust us, you’ll plummet faster and feel the G-force like never before. Ready to find out if Aqualandia is your watery paradise or a tourist trap to avoid? Let’s dive in.

What month does Aqualandia Benidorm open?

Aqualandia Benidorm typically opens its doors to visitors in May, marking the beginning of its annual operating season. This timing aligns with the onset of warmer weather, attracting tourists and locals seeking aquatic adventures and leisure activities. The park’s opening in May allows guests to enjoy its extensive array of water-based attractions, ensuring a memorable experience during the summer months.

Is Aqualandia Benidorm salt water?

Aqualandia Benidorm primarily utilizes fresh water in its attractions, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for visitors of all ages. While the park may incorporate some saltwater elements in specific attractions, the overall composition of its water sources is predominantly freshwater. This design choice promotes optimal comfort and safety for guests, allowing them to immerse themselves in the park’s diverse aquatic offerings without concerns about saltwater-related issues.

How many rides does Aqualandia have?

Aqualandia boasts an impressive selection of rides, totaling over 20 exhilarating attractions for guests to enjoy. From thrilling water slides and wave pools to relaxing river rides and family-friendly play areas, the park offers a diverse range of experiences catered to various preferences and age groups. With its extensive lineup of rides, Aqualandia ensures that visitors have ample opportunities for excitement and entertainment throughout their time at the park.

Aqualandia Benidorm Map 2023

Aqualandia Benidorm Map 2022

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