Katmandu Park Map and Brochure (2022 – 2023)

Location: Balearic Islands, Spain

Years Active: 2007 – Active

Katmandu Park in Mallorca, Spain offers a welcome departure from the modern theme park landscape. It’s a quirky trip down memory lane, a celebration of classic park charm. Don’t expect cutting-edge thrills or animated movie tie-ins. Katmandu Park revels in its unique brand of retro fun.

Ride the Enchanted Jungle log flume for a surprisingly thrilling soak (wear a poncho if you dislike getting a little wet!). Here’s an insider tip: Look for the small, inconspicuous lever near the splashdown. Pull it discreetly, and you might get a surprising dose of extra watering fun – perfect for a hot day in Mallorca!

Is there parking at Katmandu Park?

Katmandu Park provides parking facilities for visitors, ensuring convenience and ease of access to the park. Guests can avail themselves of designated parking areas on-site, making it convenient to explore the park’s offerings without worrying about parking logistics.

Katmandu Park Map 2023

Katmandu Park Map 2022

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