Baton Rouge Zoo Map and Brochure (2018 – 2023)

Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Years Active: 1970 – Active

Situated within Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the Baton Rouge Zoo has been captivating visitors since its inauguration on March 30, 1970. This cherished establishment offers an array of educational, conservation, and recreational experiences, making it a beloved destination for both wildlife enthusiasts and families.

The Baton Rouge Zoo’s central theme revolves around fostering an understanding and appreciation of Earth’s diverse animal species. Home to over 1,800 animals representing 300+ species, the zoo features captivating habitats like Giants of the Islands, Flamingo Cove, Parrot Paradise, and the Otter Pond. It’s a place where visitors can explore various ecosystems, from lush South American jungles to the arid African deserts.

The zoo also hosts exciting festivals and events, including Boo at the Zoo and ZooLights, which draw in over 200,000 visitors annually. With expansion plans in motion, the Baton Rouge Zoo remains committed to enhancing its facilities, advancing conservation efforts, and continuing its mission of educating and inspiring generations about the wonders of the animal kingdom.

How much is the Baton Rouge Zoo?

The admission fee for the Baton Rouge Zoo varies depending on the age of the visitor and their residency status. For residents of East Baton Rouge Parish, the cost was $9.75 for adults (ages 12-64), $8.75 for seniors (ages 65+), and $7.75 for children (ages 2-11). Non-residents paid slightly higher fees, with adults at $11.75, seniors at $10.75, and children at $9.75. Children under 2 years old received free admission. Please note that these prices may have changed since then, and it is advisable to check the official Baton Rouge Zoo website or contact them directly for the most up-to-date pricing information.

How many animals are at the Baton Rouge Zoo?

The Baton Rouge Zoo was home to over 1,800 animals representing more than 250 species. These animals included a diverse range of species from various regions of the world, providing visitors with an opportunity to explore and learn about the rich biodiversity of our planet. The zoo’s collection may have grown or changed since that time, so for the current number of animals and species, it is recommended to refer to the official Baton Rouge Zoo website or contact the zoo directly for the latest information.

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