25 Best Theme Parks in Michigan

Michigan isn’t all trees and lakes. Buckle up, thrill junkies – these parks serve up some serious adrenaline. From coasters that leave your stomach in your throat to water parks that redefine “soaked”, the best theme parks in Michigan prove there’s an adventure for everyone in your crew.

But listen, not every park is worth your hard-earned cash. Some rides here are creakier than your grandpa’s knees. Others are just fancy kiddie pools. Yawn.

Want to experience something truly unique? One Michigan park has a haunted trick-or-treat trail that goes through a real, abandoned mine shaft. How cool is that?

Ready to ditch those lame tourist traps and level up your theme park game? Keep reading to find out where this spooky mine shaft is hiding, plus the inside scoop on all the best (and worst) Michigan has to offer.

Double JJ Resort

Double JJ Resort in Michigan

Nestled amongst the scenic backdrops of Rothbury, Michigan, the Double JJ Resort is an all-year-round destination for leisure and fun. It’s a unique mix of Western-themed and modern amenities, offering something for everyone. From an authentic dude ranch to an indoor waterpark, it’s a place where adventurous spirits congregate.

LocationRothbury, Michigan
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsThoroughbred Golf Club, Gold Rush Waterpark, Back Forty Swimmin’ Hole, Rodeos, Horse Riding
MapDouble JJ Resort Map

This magical haven is best suited for families with kids and adults who hold an adventurous spirit. The varied activities and diverse themes appeal to different age groups, making it an ideal place for bonding time. The Stony Lake, Gold Rush Waterpark, and the fun games at the Red Garter Saloon keep children engaged, while adults can enjoy quality time golfing at the Thoroughbred Golf Club or relaxing at the Sundance Saloon and Steakhouse.

The best time to visit would be summer due to the many outdoor activities available. However, winter holds its own charm with snowy landscapes and special snow-based activities like snow tubing and sledding. So, basically, whatever the time of year, Double JJ Resort is always ready to serve you a hearty dose of fun and relaxation!

Nelis’ Dutch Village

Nelis' Dutch Village in Michigan

If you’re looking to experience a slice of the Netherlands in America, look no further than Nelis’ Dutch Village! Located in the picturesque city of Holland, Michigan, this theme park offers a captivating journey into Dutch culture, with beautiful architecture, exciting attractions, and delicious food.

LocationHolland, Michigan
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsWindmill Island Gardens, Dutch Dancing, Carousel, Petting Zoo, Klompen Dancing, Cheese making demonstration
MapNelis’ Dutch Village Map

Nelis’ Dutch Village is perfect for those who enjoy cultural immersion. Museum enthusiasts will dig the historical exhibits revealing the Netherlands’ storied past. Families with kids will love the petting zoo, carousel, and interactive activities, while couples will enjoy romantic strolls amidst the Windmill Island Gardens.

The best time to visit the park is between April and October when all attractions are operating, and the weather is especially pleasant. The Tulip Time Festival in May is a big highlight, featuring thousands of beautiful tulips and a week-long celebration of Dutch heritage. So, rally up your family or friends and plan a trip to Nelis’ Dutch Village for a fun-filled Dutch experience right here in the USA!

Water Warrior Island

Are you looking for a unique and refreshing water adventure? Look no further than Water Warrior Island, an exhilarating water obstacle course in Orion Township. Providing a fun and challenging experience, it’s sure to make your summer unforgettable

LocationOrion Township, Michigan
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsBlob Tower, Free Fall, Lily Pads, Swing Walk, Iceberg
MapWater Warrior Island Map

Water Warrior Island is ideal for adventure seekers and those who love aquatic activities. With its wide variety of challenging obstacles such as the Blob Tower, Swing Walk, and Iceberg, it offers a truly unique and exciting water experience. The park is great for families, friends, or groups looking for a fun, shared virtual memory. This isn’t your traditional swim; it’s a full-body workout, a competition, and a laugh-out-loud good time all rolled into one!

As to the best time to go, summer is a perfect choice. The weather in Orion Township during the summer is typically warm, making it a splendid time to cool down in the water. So pack your sunscreen, gather your tribe, and prepare to conquer the island!

Avalanche Bay Indoor Waterpark

Avalanche Bay Indoor Waterpark in michigan

Avalanche Bay Indoor Waterpark in Boyne Falls is the largest waterpark hotel in Michigan, promising endless fun for everyone. Offering year-round tropical climate, this fantasy-filled indoor waterpark boasts plenty of exciting and adrenaline-pumping water slides, an adventure river, kids’ play zones, surf simulator and much more.

LocationBoyne Falls, Michigan
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsBig Couloir, Splasherhorn, Haute Route Water Crossing, Kitz Pool, Vertigo Tube Slide
MapAvalanche Bay Indoor Waterpark Map

Avalanche Bay Indoor Waterpark is the perfect spot for families with kids of all ages. It resonates with energy and laughter, singing along with the sounds of water splashing, and screams of thrill from rides like the Big Couloir and Vertigo Tube Slide. For the smaller adventurers, the ‘Rip Zone’ lets your little pals surf in a controlled and fun-filled environment. With the entire resort accommodating and friendly, consider Avalanche Bay as your next family weekend getaway.

Since it’s an indoor park, it opens all year round. However, the best time to visit is during the off-peak season. During the fall and spring, the crowds are smaller, making the wait times shorter. So, you can enjoy more rides and activities with your family. Arriving early during these seasons would be the cherry on the cake, as it allows you the benefit of enjoying the majority of attractions before it gets crowded.

Wildwater Adventure

Wildwater Adventure in Michigan

Wildwater Adventure is a hub of exciting water thrill rides with over 60 acres of splash-tastic fun to offer. If you crave adrenaline, Wildwater Adventure won’t let you down. It’s teeming with a blend of fun screens and relaxation for everyone.

LocationMuskegon, Michigan
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsGrand Rapids, Boogie Beach, Mammoth River, Funnel of Fear
MapWildwater Adventure Map

Wildwater Adventure is perfect for anyone craving thrills and watersport fans. Its action-packed rides will keep thrill-seekers in high spirits, while kids will absolutely enjoy the family-friendly attractions like the wave pool and lazy river. If you’re a parent looking to keep kids entertained during summer, or if you’re an adrenaline junkie looking for the next thrill, this is your place.

The best time to visit Wildwater Adventure would generally be during the mid-summer months. It gets hot in Muskegon, and what better way to cool down than a day full of water rides, right? Plus, most attractions are outdoor, allowing you to enjoy the great Michigan summer weather. So, folks, grab your swimsuits and get set for a wildly wet adventure!

Soaring Eagle Waterpark and Hotel

Soaring Eagle Waterpark and Hotel in Michigan

Centrally located in Michigan, the Soaring Eagle Waterpark and Hotel is a must-visit destination for fun-seekers of all ages. This unique indoor water park and hotel promises a memorable escape packed with wild slides, lazy rivers, and fun-filled activities.

LocationMount Pleasant, Michigan
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsLoon’s Loop, Little Beaver’s Bend, Makwa’s Mountain, Hotsprings, Otter’s Run
MapSoaring Eagle Waterpark and Hotel Map

Perfect for family outings, Soaring Eagle Waterpark and Hotel has an attraction for everyone. The adrenaline-packed water slides provide thrill for adventure lovers, whereas the lazy rivers cater to those who prefer a more laid-back experience. With dedicated areas for toddlers, Soaring Eagle ensures that younger children are not left out.

Regardless of the time of year, there’s always fun to be had here thanks to the cozy indoor environment. However, if you wish to avoid crowds and enjoy your favorite attractions without long queues, consider visiting during the weekdays or outside of school vacation periods. Don’t forget to check their website for details on any special events or seasonal festivities that might be happening during your planned visit.

Paradise Park

Paradise Park in Michigan

Get ready for a fun-filled day with the whole family at Paradise Park in Novi, Michigan! From go-karts and mini-golf to an indoor arcade and a laser tag arena, you’ll never run out of things to do at this amusement park. Let’s take a closer look!

LocationNovi, Michigan
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsGo-Karts, Mini Golf, Laser Tag, Climbing Wall, Arcade, Eurobungy, Trampoline Center
MapParadise Park Map

Paradise Park is perfect for families who want a variety of fun things to do. Younger kids will love trying their hand at mini-golf, aiming for a hole-in-one. The older kiddos can challenge their friends at the laser tag arena while the parents enjoy some downtime at our indoor arcade. This place truly caters to every age, making it ideal for birthdays, get-togethers, or even just a weekend day out.

The best time to visit would be during the summer months when all the outdoor attractions are open. However, since a fair share of activities are indoors, you can have a blast even during the winter months. Be sure to plan your visit on a day when you have plenty of time, as there’s a lot to enjoy at the Paradise Park!

Wayne County Family Aquatic Center

Wayne County Family Aquatic Center in Michigan

Looking to beat the summer heat in Detroit? Look no further than the Wayne County Family Aquatic Center! This water-filled oasis is the city’s largest water slide park and offers a variety of amenities designed to keep the whole family cool and entertained.

LocationDetroit, Michigan
Cost Range$
Main AttractionsWave Pool, Water Slides, Zero Depth Entry Pool, Splash Pad
MapWayne County Family Aquatic Center Map

The Wayne County Family Aquatic Center is a fantastic destination for families looking for a great day out. The park’s attractions cater to all ages – the zero-depth entry pool and splash pad are ideal for younger children, while older kids and adults can enjoy the thrill of the water slides and wave pool. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline rush or a relaxing day playing in the water, this park has got you covered.

The best time to visit would undoubtedly be in the heart of summer when the Detroit heat is at its peak. Not only will you cool off in the many pools available, but the atmosphere buzzes with fun and excitement. So mark your calendars and plan to make a splash at the Wayne County Family Aquatic Center this summer!

Red Oaks Waterpark

Red Oaks Waterpark in Michigan

Looking for a splash of family fun? Look no further than Red Oaks Waterpark in Madison Heights, Michigan! This waterpark has everything from thrilling water slides to a relaxing lazy river, guaranteed to keep the whole family entertained.

LocationMadison Heights, Michigan
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsWave Pool, Lazy River, Children’s Water Playground, Water Slides
MapRed Oaks Waterpark Map

If you want to make a big splash with your kids, this is the perfect spot. The various age-friendly attractions make it suitable for families with children of all ages. Little ones will love the Children’s Water Playground while teens dare to take on the thrilling water slides. I recommend going on a weekday to avoid the weekend rush.

The best time to visit would be during the summer, specifically in July or August, when the sun is shining and the temperatures are high. You’ll be thankful for the cool, refreshing water on the hot summer days. Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen!

Waterford Oaks Wave Pool

Waterford Oaks Wave Pool in Michigan

Located in the beautiful Waterford Township, Michigan, Waterford Oaks Wave Pool is your perfect summer destination. It provides fun-loving visitors with the thrill and fun of ocean waves right in the backyard of the Midwest! The pool offers massive wave action and is complemented by a children’s water playground and a refreshing creek.

LocationWaterford Township, Michigan
Cost Range$
Main AttractionsWave Pool, Children’s Water Playground, Cascade Creek
MapWaterford Oaks Wave Pool Map

This place is perfect for families looking for a comfortable, safe, and exciting place to cool down during those sunny summer days. With a designated children’s area complete with slides and splash pads, it’s truly perfect for kids of all ages. Adults can enjoy a relaxing dip in the wave pool or cool off at the beach-themed area.

The best time to visit Waterford Oaks Wave Pool is during the peak of summer when the Michigan sun is shining the brightest. Apart from the cool and refreshing pool options, visitors can also enjoy other facilities such as picnic spots and volleyball courts. So bring along your sunscreen, your favorite beach book, and prepare to have the time of your life!

Splash Universe

Splash Universe in Michigan

If you’re looking for an exhilarating water-filled adventure, Dundee’s Splash Universe is the place to be! This indoor waterpark resort offers a countless array of attractions that promise fun for the entire family regardless of the season.

LocationDundee, Michigan
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsGoldmine Adventure Water Slides, Floating Lily Pad Adventure,
Ripplin’ River, Lazy Man’s River, Kiddie Fort
MapSplash Universe Map

Splash Universe is best for families with kiddos of all ages as there’s an enticing mix of attractions suitable for the young ones and the ones young at heart. Everything from thrilling waterslides to a relaxing lazy river adds to its allure. It is also popular among groups of friends looking for a fun getaway. Enjoy being a kid again and engage in some friendly competition at their interactive arcade.

Given its indoor nature, any time of the year is a great time to visit Splash Universe! But if you ask me, it’s an absolute delight to visit during the winter months. When the weather turns chilly and outdoor activities seem less appealing, unwinding in the warm and tropical atmosphere of Splash Universe is a real treat.

Lake Arvesta Farms & Arvesta Sports Complex

Lake Arvesta Farms & Arvesta Sports Complex in Michigan

Surrounded by the serene beauty of South Haven, Michigan, Lake Arvesta Farms & Arvesta Sports Complex serves as the ultimate destination for outdoor enjoyment and sports activities. It is the perfect getaway for individuals looking for a balanced blend of relaxing atmosphere and thrilling sports events.

LocationSouth Haven, Michigan
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsLake Arvesta, Sports Complex, Ultimate Footgolf
MapLake Arvesta Farms & Arvesta Sports Complex Map

The diverse offerings of Lake Arvesta Farms & Arvesta Sports Complex make it an ideal location for thrill-seekers, sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. Families looking for a day of active fun would especially enjoy the Farm’s footgolf courses and trails, while those after relaxation could simply bask in the natural setting. The Sports Complex also offers a friendly competitive environment for every sports enthusiast out there.

The best time to visit would be during the summer season, where the vast land transforms into a vibrant wonderland under the gorgeous Michigan sun. Whether it’s a round of footgolf or simply soaking up the magnificent surroundings, Lake Arvesta Farms & Arvesta Sports Complex is sure to provide an absolutely unforgettable experience.

WhoaZone at Heron Beach

WhoaZone at Heron Beach in Michigan

If you’re up for a little adventure and tons of fun in Michigan, WhoaZone at Heron Beach is the place to go. With inflatable water slides, towers, bridges, trampolines, and cliff jumping, it’s the perfect destination for both adrenaline junkies and water lovers.

LocationHolly, Michigan
Cost Range$
Main AttractionsWater Playground, Giant Slides, Bouncing Domes, Action Towers
MapWhoaZone at Heron Beach Map

WhoaZone is the perfect fun-filled destination for families as there’s something for everyone no matter your age. Children can enjoy the kid-friendly areas, while thrill-seeking teens and adults can indulge in the extreme sports areas. For those who prefer a more laid-back beach experience, you can bask in the sun while savoring the stunning views of Heron Lake. Planning a reunion, team building, or group outing? WhoaZone is your spot, offering group packages to maximize the fun.

The park gets crowded during the summer, so to avoid the swarm, visit either at the beginning or end of the season. Whether it’s for a day trip or a weekend getaway, WhoaZone at Heron Beach guarantees a delightful experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Surfari Joe’s Indoor Wilderness Water Park

Surfari Joe's Indoor Wilderness Water Park in Michigan

Craving fun in the water but the weather’s not playing along? Surfari Joe’s Indoor Wilderness Water Park in Watervliet, Michigan can fix that. This indoor water park is loaded with thrilling slides, a lazy river, and a play area especially designed for little children, making it a perfect rendezvous for family fun.

LocationWatervliet, Michigan
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsLilo’s Lagoon, Python’s Plunge, Zambezi River Adventure, Kulu’s Kountry
MapSurfari Joe’s Indoor Wilderness Water Park Map

Surfari Joe’s Indoor Wilderness Water Park is great for families with kids. Why, you ask? Well, the park has specialized areas for all ages. For instance, Lilo’s Lagoon is a kiddie pool that will keep little ones entertained, while Python’s Plunge and Zambezi River Adventure are for those seeking thrilling experiences. And if you just want to relax, float down the lazy river. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or looking for serene relaxation, this park has something for everyone in the family.

Given that it’s an indoor water park, Surfari Joe’s is an excellent year-round destination. However, if you want to skip the crowd, it’s recommendable to visit on weekdays, particularly during the school year. Regardless of when you go, you’re guaranteed a splashing good time!

Craig’s Cruisers – Grand Rapids

Craig's Cruisers - Grand Rapids in Michigan

Get ready for the ultimate family fun experience at Craig’s Cruisers – Grand Rapids! Nestled right in Wyoming, Michigan, this spectacular fun park features a variety of attractions for all ages, from bumper cars and go-karts to a trampoline park and an indoor roller coaster.

LocationWyoming, Michigan
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsMini-Golf, Go-Karts, Trampoline Park, Arcade Games, Laser Tag, Bumper Boats
MapCraig’s Cruisers – Grand Rapids Map

Craig’s Cruisers offers an overwhelming amount of fun for families and groups of all ages. The wide variety of games and rides make it an impressive destination for kids’ parties and family get-togethers alike. Strategically spread across the park, adults can sneak in a quick round of mini-golf while kids bounce around at the trampoline park or zoom around in the go-karts.

Despite being open year-round, late spring to early fall is probably the best time to fully enjoy Craig’s Cruisers. The mild, sunny weather complements many of the outdoor activities like go-karting, mini-golf, and bumper boats. But even if the clouds roll in, you can always head indoors for laser tag, arcade games, or the indoor roller coaster! So, next time you’re planning a fun day out, remember Craig’s Cruisers – Grand Rapids – where the fun never stops!

Lower Huron Metropark – Turtle Cove Family Aquatic Center

Lower Huron Metropark - Turtle Cove Family Aquatic Center in Michigan

Lower Huron Metropark’s Turtle Cove Family Aquatic Center is a major summer hotspot in Belleville. The center offers a mix of fun, relaxation, and aquatic adventure for the family.

LocationBelleville, Michigan
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsLazy river, water slides, zero-depth entry pool, dump bucket, and lap lanes
MapLower Huron Metropark – Turtle Cove Family Aquatic Center Map

This theme park is best suited for families with children, water-sport enthusiasts, and anyone looking to beat the summer heat. Thanks to the variety of attractions available, there’s something for everyone. Young children will love the zero-depth entry pool and toddler-friendly spray pad. Older kids and teenagers can enjoy more thrilling experiences, such as the water slides and the dump bucket. Not to mention, adults can grab a tube and float down the lazy river or swim some laps. There’s also a fully-licensed concession stand for snacks and lunch. Plus, the surrounding Metropark offers great picnic areas, walking paths, and beautiful scenery.

The best time to visit is obviously during the summer when Michigan weather permits. Take note, it gets particularly crowded on hot weekends. So, plan ahead, come early to snag a good spot by the pool, and get ready to make some fun memories at this superb water recreation facility!

Hush Haunted Attraction

Hush Haunted Attraction in Michigan

Boasting a triple treat of Halloween thrills, Hush Haunted Attraction is truly a must-visit every spooky season. Located in Westland, Michigan, Hush creates incredibly detailed backstories for each of their attractions, fully immersing guests in the horror. The attraction prides itself on its professionally designed sets, terrifyingly skilled actors, and intense special effects.

LocationWestland, Michigan
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsHush Falls, The Coven, Rosecliff Hall
MapHush Haunted Attraction Map

Hush Haunted Attraction is best suited for thrill-seekers who want more than just jump scares. It’s not just about terrifying its patrons- it crafts immersive backstories that suck you in and truly bring the horror to life. Teens and adults who appreciate elaborate set design and storytelling alongside their scares will particularly enjoy what Hush has to offer.

The best time to visit is October, of course! Halloween season is when Hush comes alive. However, it’s recommended to visit on a weekday if you can. Notably, the attraction gets very busy on weekends in the lead up to Halloween, so visiting mid-week can help you beat the crowds.

Michigan’s Adventure

Michigan's Adventure in Michigan

Ranked as the largest amusement park in beautiful Michigan, Michigan’s Adventure offers a thrilling array of rides and attractions. This park, tucked away in the charming city of Muskegon, is filled with roller coasters, water parks, and even a wildlife park for family fun and excitement.

LocationMuskegon, Michigan
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsWilder Beast, Thunderhawk, Shivering Timbers, Grand Rapids, Adventure Island
MapMichigan’s Adventure Map

This theme park is a brilliant place for coaster enthusiasts and families seeking a perfect mix of exhilaration and relaxation. With thrill rides like the Wilder Beast and Thunderhawk that get your heart racing, to the laid-back Adventure Island where kids can frolic in the water, this park caters to all age groups and preferences. Teenagers and adults alike would love the adrenaline-inducing roller coasters, while kids can engage with wildlife or cool off at the water park. It’s definitely a fun-filled adventure waiting to be experienced!

When should you visit, you ask? The best time to head over to Michigan’s Adventure would be during the summer months. The warm weather provides an ideal environment for exploring the outdoor attractions. Plus, the cooling water rides of Adventure Island are all the more enjoyable in the sunshine. Planning a trip around a weekday could also mean less crowd and shorter queues. So, gear up for a Michigan-sized adventure and dive into the world of fun and excitement this summer!

Silver Beach Amusement Park

Silver Beach Amusement Park in Michigan

Are you in for a splash of fun and exhilaration? Silver Beach Amusement Park in St. Joseph is the ideal destination for anyone seeking that. Loaded with entertaining rides and displays, it is an attraction not to be missed on a trip to Michigan.

LocationSt. Joseph, Michigan
Cost Range$
Main AttractionsCarousel, Amusement Rides, Whirlpool Compass Fountain
MapSilver Beach Amusement Park Map

If you are a fun-seeker, family man, or theme park enthusiast, Silver Beach Amusement Park is designed for you. With a blend of thrilling rides and captivating attractions like the 48 hand-carved carousel figures and 2 chariots, the amusement park provides myriad moments of joy and delight. The amazing waterfront location, combined with the park’s charm, makes it a perfect spot for family outings and picnics, offering something fun for all age groups.

To get the best out of your visit, summer is the perfect period to take advantage of the park’s outdoor attractions, specially the Whirlpool Compass Fountain. Also, summer evenings make for some magical carousel rides, with the sunset casting a beautiful orange hue over the fun. So, pack up for a day or two, and make your trip to Silver Beach Amusement Park a memory worth cherishing.

Zehnder’s Splash Village

Zehnder's Splash Village in Michigan

If you’re in for a fun-filled vacation hotspot in Michigan, Zehnder’s Splash Village is the place to be. An indoor and outdoor waterpark resort, Zehnder’s offers astounding aquatic adventures and cozy accommodations perfect for families.

LocationFrankenmuth, Michigan
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsGiggling Gorge, Perilous Plunge, Crooked Brook Creek, Whimsical Whirl Hot Tub
MapZehnder’s Splash Village Map

Zehnder’s Splash Village is a perfect destination for families with kids of all ages. Why? The park features a variety of water adventures that guarantee excitement for both adrenaline junkies and mellow toddlers. With thrilling slides like Giggling Gorge and the Perilous Plunge, fast-paced raft rides, and placid lazy rivers, it ensures fun for everyone. For the little ones, there’s even a zero-entry pool and water play structures that promise safe and splashy fun!

As to the best time to visit, weekends and summer days see a surge in crowd, so to maximize fun and minimize the wait, it’s best to visit on weekdays during off-peak seasons. So pack those bags, armed with floaties and sunblock, and plunge into an unforgettable vacation at Zehnder’s Splash Village!

Sportway of Westland

Sportway of Westland in Michigan

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, an outdoors enthusiast, or simply love a day out with friends or family, Sportway of Westland in Westland, Michigan is the place to be. Offering an array of attractions including go-karts, mini-golf, batting cages, and much more, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy.

LocationWestland, Michigan
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsGo-Karts, Mini-Golf, Batting Cages, Euro Bungy
MapSportway of Westland Map

Sportway of Westland makes for a perfect day out for families, friends, and corporate outings. If you have energetic kids in tow, or if you’re simply young at heart and crave that adrenaline rush, the go-karts racetracks will not disappoint. Batting cages are great for practicing your swing and the mini-golf course provides a fun and competitive game for all involved. The Euro Bungy is a unique experience offering a bounce and flip above a trampoline surface, making it a hit among thrill-seekers.

The best time to visit Sportway of Westland would be during the spring and summer months when the weather is pleasant, allowing you to make the most of the outdoor entertainment. Don’t forget to try a few rounds of mini-golf during the evening hours with the course beautifully lit up. Make your visit to Westland a memorable one with Sportway!

Fun Way Amusements

Fun Way Amusements in Michigan

Fun Way Amusements located in Farmington Hills is the perfect one-stop place for endless fun and exciting entertainment. This lively amusement park is undoubtedly a hotspot for thrill-seekers and fun lovers of all ages.

LocationFarmington Hills, Michigan
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsRoller Coasters, 4D Simulations, Fun Games
MapFun Way Amusements Map

Fun Way Amusements is perfect for families with kids and teens. The park is packed with various attractions, ranging from heart-pounding roller coasters for older children and teens, to fun-packed rides for the younger ones. Adults can also enjoy a variety of adrenaline-filled attractions, making it an ideal location for a great family day out. The amusement park also includes plenty of eateries, making meal times easy and convenient during your visit.

Thinking of the best time to visit? Well, summer would just be perfect! The weather is great, allowing you to fully enjoy outdoor activities without any worries. Though it might be a bit crowded during this time, the fun factor surely overweighs the crowd. So, go ahead and plan an unforgettable outing to Fun Way Amusements!

Camp Snoopy

Camp Snoopy in Michigan

Welcome to Camp Snoopy, a family-friendly amusement zone designed for little adventurers! Located within the larger Michigan’s Adventure Park in Muskegon, Camp Snoopy attracts families with its Peanuts-themed rides and attractions.

LocationMuskegon, Michigan
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsWoodstock Express, Beagle Scout Lookout, Peanuts Trailblazers, Pig Pen’s Mud Buggies
MapCamp Snoopy Map

An ideal place for families, especially those with young children, Camp Snoopy promises fun-filled outings with memories to cherish. Kids will enjoy becoming members of the Peanuts Gang on the Camp Bus and parents can join in on the fun with many of the rides catering to all ages! Friendly atmosphere, safe rides and the park’s commitment to cleanliness make it a top choice for families seeking to embark on an unforgettable adventure. For couples or groups of friends, the fun-filled atmosphere makes it a great destination for creating shared memories.

To make the most of your trip to Camp Snoopy, you’ll want to visit during the summer months, when all of the park’s attractions are running at full swing. This also lets you take advantage of the numerous food and drink options. So if you’re planning a fun day out with the kids – or you’re a Peanuts fan at heart – Camp Snoopy is the place to be when the Michigan sun is shining!

Cedar Valley’s Wild Frontier Fun Park

Cedar Valley's Wild Frontier Fun Park in Michigan

Are you itching for a taste of the wild west? Look no further than Cedar Valley’s Wild Frontier Fun Park in Comins. It offers a plethora of heart-thumping attractions guaranteed to satisfy the adventure spirit in everyone.

LocationComins, Michigan
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsGold Rush Golf, Frontier Laser Tag, Prospector’s Playground, Cedar Mountain Slides, Water Cannon Blaster
MapCedar Valley’s Wild Frontier Fun Park Map

This thrilling amusement park suits outdoor enthusiasts and families who long for a unique bonding experience. Its variety of games provides fun opportunities to create lasting memories. The children would love the Prospector’s Playground and the Water Cannon Blaster, while teens and adults can have a blast playing Frontier Laser Tag. The Gold Rush Golf and Cedar Mountain Slides offer a balanced mix of fun and casual challenge. The park poses as a perfect balance of adventure and relaxation that would suit all family members.

Summertime is the best time to visit Cedar Valley’s Wild Frontier Fun Park. The sunny Michigan weather brings out the vibrant colors of the amusement park and allows visitors to fully enjoy outdoor activities. However, it’s best to come in early to avoid crowd peak hours and secure a perfect spot to oversee all of the park’s attractions. Don’t forget to pack some sunscreen and your adventurous spirit!

Michigan’s Adventure Entrance

Michigan's Adventure Entrance in Michigan

Welcome friends, to the gateway of fun and excitement! Step through the Michigan’s Adventure Entrance to be greeted by over 250 acres of pure joy, featuring a range of amusement and water park attractions guaranteed to thrill at every turn.

LocationMuskegon, Michigan
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsShivering Timbers, WildWater Adventure, Thunderhawk, RipCord
MapMichigan’s Adventure Entrance Map

Michigan’s Adventure perfectly caters to thrill-seekers and families alike, particularly those who enjoy a blend of traditional amusement and vibrant water park fun. The park’s combination of roller coasters, family rides and a full-scale water park sets the stage for a dynamic and versatile outing. The adrenaline-pumping rides like the infamous Shivering Timbers and Thunderhawk are unmissable for thrill seekers, while the more laid back attractions provide an enjoyable experience for younger kids and less adventurous adults.

The best time to visit Michigan’s Adventure is during the summer months when all rides and attractions are in full swing. Daily performances and shows are held regularly during this season, complementing the festive, vibrant atmosphere of the park. Nothing beats a ride down the rafting river or a splash under the fountains of the water park to beat the summer heat! Plus, the extended daylight provides ample time to explore all the magical corners of this entertainment paradise. Enjoy your adventure!

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