Brundage Map and Brochure (2021 – 2023)

Location: McCall, Idaho

Years Active: 1961 – Active

Brundage Mountain Resort – it’s the kind of place where locals still outnumber tourists, tucked away in the Idaho mountains near McCall. Don’t come here expecting five-star dining or slopeside condos. This place is about one thing: the snow. They call it the “Best Snow in Idaho,” and honestly, they might be right.

The terrain is perfect for those who like a little bit of everything. Groomed runs? Check. Steep bowls? Got those too. Want to get away from the crowds? The backcountry beckons. And in the summer, swap your skis for hiking boots or a mountain bike and hit the trails.

Brundage isn’t fancy, but it’s got everything you really need to have a good time. Rentals, decent food, lessons if you’re new to the sport. The party scene gets surprisingly rowdy, especially during Winter Carnival.

How big is Brundage?

Brundage Mountain, located in central Idaho, spans approximately 1,920 acres of skiable terrain. It offers a diverse range of slopes suitable for skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels. The mountain’s elevation ranges from 5,840 to 7,640 feet above sea level, providing ample vertical drop and excellent skiing conditions during the winter season. Brundage is renowned for its powder snow, making it a popular destination for winter enthusiasts seeking pristine slopes.

Brundage Front Side Map 2023

Brundage Lakeview Bowl Map 2023

Brundage Hidden Valley Map 2023

Brundage Beartopia Zone Trail Map 2023

Brundage Bike Park Map 2023

Brundage Front Side Map 2022

Brundage Lakeview Bowl Map 2022

Brundage Hidden Valley Map 2022

Brundage Bike Park Map 2022

Brundage Front Side Map 2021

Brundage Front Side Map 2021

Brundage Hidden Valley Map 2021

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