LEGOLAND Discovery Center Map and Brochure (2014 – 2023)

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Years Active: 2008 – Active

Think LEGOLAND Discovery Center is just for kids? Think again. This Chicago gem is a blast for families, yes, but it’s a haven for anyone in love with those iconic bricks. It ain’t cheap, but hey, neither is therapy! At LEGOLAND, your inner creative genius gets to play.

Step inside – it’s a riot of color and imagination. MINILAND will blow your mind – it’s like Chicago had a LEGO baby. Picture those famous skyscrapers, the Bean…all made from the little bricks you probably stepped on as a kid. They don’t just have displays, though. Get ready to build, ride, and even catch a 4D movie that’ll have bricks flying at your face.

This place gets PACKED on weekends. If the crowds make you twitchy, try a weekday visit instead. And keep your eyes peeled for those special events… things get seriously festive (or spooky, depending on the season).

Let’s be honest, some people scoff at the prices. But where else can you let loose with thousands of LEGO bricks and channel your inner architect? Sometimes, a little self-indulgent playtime is just what the doctor ordered.

Who owns Lego Discovery Center?

The Lego Discovery Center is owned and operated by Merlin Entertainments Group, a British-based entertainment company specializing in theme parks and attractions. Merlin Entertainments is a prominent player in the global leisure industry and manages numerous entertainment venues around the world, including Legoland theme parks and various other attractions.

How big is Lego Discovery Center?

The size of a Lego Discovery Center can vary depending on its location. Generally, these centers are designed to be indoor family entertainment venues and typically span between 30,000 to 60,000 square feet. The specific size can differ between different locations and is tailored to the available space and local market demand. Lego Discovery Centers feature a variety of interactive exhibits, rides, and play zones, all centered around the iconic Lego brick.

What age is Legoland Discovery Centre for?

Legoland Discovery Centers are primarily designed for families with children aged between 3 and 10 years old. These attractions offer a range of age-appropriate activities and experiences, including Lego-themed rides, play areas, 4D movies, and educational displays. While older children and even adults can still enjoy the Lego-themed environment, the center’s focus on hands-on play and interactive exhibits is most suitable for younger children within the specified age range.

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Map 2023

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