Calaway Park Map and Brochure (1990 – 2024)

Location: Calgary, AB

Years Active: 1982 – Active

Calaway Park is an amusement park and campground in Springbank, Alberta, Canada. The park occupies approximately 160 acres of land, although the amusement park only occupies 90 acres of it. The park is western Canada’s largest amusement park, and is situated approximately 4 kilometres west of Calgary’s city limits.

The park was conceived in 1979, with initial plans having the park named Flintstone Fun Park, after The Flintstones animated sitcom. However, the park’s owners changed the park’s name to Calaway Park several months before it opened to the public in 1982. The park presently holds several attractions such as carnival games and 32 amusement rides, including three roller coasters.

Who Owns Calaway Park in Calgary?

Calaway Park, situated on the western side of Calgary, Alberta, is owned and operated by the McCall family. Founded in 1982 by W.R. “Bud” and Phyllis McCall, this family-owned and operated amusement park has remained a popular attraction in Canada. Offering a diverse array of rides, attractions, and entertainment options, Calaway Park continues to be a destination for visitors of all ages.

What Side of Calgary is Calaway Park Located On?

Calaway Park is positioned on the western side of Calgary, Alberta, specifically within the rural community of Springbank, just west of the city’s limits. Its strategic location on the western outskirts of the city ensures accessibility for both local residents and tourists, providing a convenient entertainment destination in this region of Calgary.

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