Cherry Hill Water Park Map and Brochure (2022 – 2024)

Location: Kaysville, Utah

Years Active: 1967 – Active

Located within the scenic landscapes of Kaysville, Utah, the Cherry Hill Water Park stands as a beloved aquatic oasis that has been captivating visitors since its grand opening in 1967. Situated at the foot of the majestic Wasatch Mountains, this family-friendly water park is a haven for fun-seekers and sun-soakers alike. With a timeless vintage charm and a plethora of exhilarating attractions, Cherry Hill Water Park offers a thrilling blend of nostalgia and modern entertainment, making it a cherished destination for both locals and tourists.

This timeless aquatic haven exudes a charming Old West theme, transporting visitors to a bygone era with its rustic architecture and Western-inspired decor. Cherry Hill’s crowning jewels include its Water Slides, Pirate Ship, and Double Dragon Loop Slides, which provide adrenaline-pumping adventures for thrill-seekers. Families can also enjoy a leisurely float down the Lazy River or splash around in the Children’s Playground. Moreover, Cherry Hill Water Park plays host to an array of exciting festivals and events throughout the season, adding to the park’s allure as a year-round destination.

Boasting a rich history and a dedicated fan base, Cherry Hill Water Park continues to be a sought-after destination. Recent visitor statistics reflect its enduring popularity, with tens of thousands of guests visiting annually to revel in the park’s unique offerings.

Can you bring food into Cherry Hill?

Cherry Hill, like many public parks, typically allows visitors to bring their own food for picnicking and outdoor gatherings. However, specific rules and regulations may vary depending on the park’s policies and local ordinances. It’s essential to check Cherry Hill’s official website or contact park authorities for any specific guidelines or restrictions regarding food and picnicking to ensure compliance with their rules.

Does Cherry Hill have showers?

Cherry Hill Park may or may not have shower facilities, depending on its amenities and facilities. Parks can vary widely in terms of amenities, and some may provide shower facilities for campers or visitors, while others may not. To ascertain whether Cherry Hill Park has shower facilities, it is recommended to consult their official website or contact park management for the most up-to-date information on available amenities.

Does Cherry Hill have fire pits?

The availability of fire pits at Cherry Hill Park depends on its policies and safety regulations. Many parks offer designated areas with fire pits or grilling facilities for visitors to use, particularly for cooking or recreational purposes. To determine whether Cherry Hill Park has fire pits and any associated guidelines for their usage, it is advisable to refer to the park’s official website or inquire with park officials to ensure accurate and current information.

Cherry Hill Water Park Map 2024

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