Cowabunga Bay Water Park Utah Map and Brochure (2021)

Location: Draper, Utah

Years Active: 2014 – Active

Cowabunga Bay Water Park Utah, is your summer fun headquarters! It’s got that relaxed, 1960s surf vibe that makes you want to kick back. But don’t be fooled – this place is packed with thrills. Get tossed around in the giant wave pool or scream your lungs out on the Raging Rapids. Little kids have their own safe splash zones.

Insider tip: Weekday afternoons are way less crowded. You can snag a shady spot and practically have the lazy river to yourself.

Cowabunga Bay isn’t some boring water park. They throw awesome parties all summer – bands, movies, even weird stuff like giant inflatable obstacle courses. Sometimes it gets a little wild, which is half the fun.

When did Cowabunga Bay Open in Utah?

Cowabunga Bay in Utah opened its doors to the public on July 4, 2014. This water park is a popular destination for families and thrill-seekers looking to beat the summer heat with its exciting water attractions.

Who owns Cowabunga Bay Utah?

Cowabunga Bay Utah is owned by the Aquatic Development Group (ADG), a prominent company specializing in the design and construction of water parks and aquatic facilities. Under their ownership, Cowabunga Bay Utah has become a prominent water park in the region, offering a wide range of water slides and other aquatic attractions.

How many water slides does Cowabunga Bay have?

Cowabunga Bay in Utah boasts an impressive collection of over a dozen water slides. Visitors can enjoy a variety of thrilling slides, including tube slides, body slides, and mat racer slides, providing an exciting and enjoyable experience for water park enthusiasts of all ages.

Cowabunga Bay Water Park Utah Map 2021

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