Creative Engineering Inc. Map and Brochure (1990)

Location: Orlando, Florida

Years Active: 1975 – 1987

Creative Engineering Inc., a groundbreaking entertainment company based in Orlando, Florida, opened its doors in 1975. Nestled in the heart of Florida’s entertainment hub, this unique venture stood out from traditional theme parks. Instead, it focused on pushing the boundaries of technology with its remarkable animatronics creations.

The company featured a lineup of awe-inspiring attractions, showcasing their cutting-edge robotic characters and scenes that left visitors amazed with new standards in animatronic entertainment and captivating audiences of all ages.

Though Creative Engineering Inc. closed its doors in 1987, its legacy lives on through the memories and stories of those who experienced its technological marvels.

Creative Engineering Ownership

Creative Engineering, Inc. is privately owned by Aaron Fechter. Founded in 1978, Creative Engineering is known for its contributions to the entertainment industry, particularly for inventing and producing animatronic characters like the iconic animatronic band known as “The Rock-afire Explosion.” Under Aaron Fechter’s leadership, the company has been involved in various animatronic and robotics projects, creating innovative entertainment solutions for theme parks, restaurants, and other venues.

Creative Engineering Inc. Brochure 1990

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