Crystal Beach Park Map and Brochure (1980)

Years Active: 1888 – 1989

Crystal Beach Waterfront Park, situated on the picturesque shores of Lake Erie in Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada, opened its gates in 1888, welcoming generations of visitors to its delightful lakeside paradise. The park was known for its thrilling roller coasters, pristine beaches, and lively festivals, making it a cherished summertime destination.

Unfortunately, in 1989, Crystal Beach Waterfront Park closed its doors, ending an era of joy and nostalgia. However, recent discussions have centered on revitalizing and expanding this beloved landmark, with hopes of rekindling the magic that once defined it. While its former glory may be a memory, the park’s legacy lives on in the hearts of those fortunate enough to have experienced its charm.

What happened to Crystal Beach Amusement Park?

Crystal Beach Amusement Park, located in Crystal Beach, Ontario, Canada, was a popular amusement park that operated from 1888 to 1989. It featured various rides, games, and attractions, including a famous wooden roller coaster called the “Cyclone.” Unfortunately, the park faced declining attendance and financial difficulties in its later years, leading to its closure in 1989.

Crystal Beach Park Brochure 1980

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