Dadipark Map and Brochure (2000)

Location: Belgium

Years Active: 1950 – 2002

Located in Dadizele, West Flanders, Belgium, Dadipark was a cherished amusement park that welcomed its first visitors on April 10, 1950. This whimsical park offered a captivating escape into “The Land of Tales,” where imagination knew no bounds. It boasted iconic attractions like the thrilling “Speedy Bob” roller coaster and the enchanting “House of Tales.” Dadipark was renowned for its vibrant Summer Festival, drawing crowds for music, food, and entertainment.

Unfortunately, in 2002, Dadipark closed its doors due to safety concerns, leaving behind cherished memories.

What Happened to Dadipark?

Dadipark, situated in Dadizele, Belgium, ceased operations in 2002 due to safety issues and increasing maintenance expenses. The closure left the park’s rides and attractions to deteriorate, while the grounds became overgrown. Various redevelopment proposals have been considered, but as of now, Dadipark remains a hauntingly abandoned testament to its former existence as an amusement park.

Dadipark Map 2000

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