Dania Beach Hurricane Map and Brochure (2001)

Location: Dania Beach, Florida

Years Active: 2000 – 2011

The Dania Beach Hurricane amusement park, which closed its doors in 2011, was situated along Florida’s eastern coast. Upon its opening, it immediately captured visitors with its beachside allure and thrilling rides. With a coastal theme at its core, this attraction offered a picturesque boardwalk along the Atlantic Ocean, a signature “Dania Beach Hurricane” roller coaster, classic amusements, and enticing treats. Festivals were a regular delight, from summer beach parties to Halloween spooktaculars. Although the park closed in 2011, its legacy of excitement and entertainment remains in the hearts of those who experienced the magic of Dania Beach Hurricane.

What Happened to Boomers Dania Beach?

Boomers Dania Beach, a beloved amusement park and entertainment destination situated in Dania Beach, Florida, was forced to shut down its operations in 2011. After serving as a source of joy and recreation for both local residents and tourists, the park’s closure marked the end of an era.

Dania Beach Hurricane Map 2001

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