Disney Fort Wilderness Campground Map with Site Numbers (2023 – 2024)

Location: Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Years Active: 1971 – Active

Look, I love a good Disney character hug as much as anyone. But sometimes, those theme parks can be a bit… much. That’s where Fort Wilderness swoops in to save the day. This place is like Disney’s chill cousin – all the magic, way less of the frenzy.

Picture this: ditching the giant hotel room for a cabin in the woods. Instead of waiting in line for Space Mountain, you’re renting a kayak or catching a campfire sing-along. It’s a chance to breathe that fresh Florida air and actually relax on your Disney vacation.

Insider Tip: The Fort Wilderness pool area sometimes has these super-friendly ducks hanging out. They’ll totally eat snacks out of your hand… just sayin’!

Obviously, this isn’t for the folks who want non-stop thrill rides. But if you’re craving a Disney trip with space to roam and freedom to unwind, Fort Wilderness might just be your jam.

Disney Fort Wilderness Map 2024

Printable Disney Fort Wilderness Map PDF 2024

Disney Fort Wilderness Map 2023

What are the preferred sites at Fort Wilderness?

Preferred campsites at Fort Wilderness are located in loops 100, 200, and 300. These sites offer the greatest convenience, located near the marina, Settlement Trading Post, and other key amenities like Pioneer Hall and Trail’s End restaurant.

How long can you stay at Disney Fort Wilderness?

The maximum stay at a Disney Fort Wilderness campsite is 30 consecutive days. However, guests have the option to switch campsites if they wish to extend a longer stay at the resort.

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