Enchanted Village & Wild Waves Water Park Map and Brochure (2023)

Location: Federal Way, Washington

Years Active: 1977 – Active

Okay, here’s the real deal on Enchanted Village & Wild Waves Water Park. It’s a classic amusement park, the kind you probably went to as a kid. Think roller coasters, a log flume, that sort of thing. If you live around Federal Way, it’s perfect for a day trip, especially when it’s sweltering outside and you need the water park.

They try to keep things fresh with seasonal stuff. Fright Fest is their Halloween event, and honestly, they make it pretty creepy! If you’re into spooky stuff, that’s worth checking out. In the winter, they do a whole Christmas lights thing which is kinda cheesy but fun if you have young kids.

The TimberHawk roller coaster is the big draw, but the line is ALWAYS crazy. If you really want to ride it, head there right when the park opens or wait until later in the evening.

What happened to Enchanted Village?

Enchanted Village, a theme park located in Federal Way, Washington, underwent a transformation and rebranding in 2000. It was acquired by Six Flags and subsequently became known as “Six Flags Enchanted Village.” However, due to financial challenges and a decline in attendance, the park closed its doors in 2007.

What is the history of Enchanted Village?

Enchanted Village originally opened in 1977 and was a family-friendly amusement park situated adjacent to the Enchanted Forest shopping center. In 2000, Six Flags purchased the park, adding new rides and attractions, and renaming it “Six Flags Enchanted Village.” However, the park struggled financially, leading to its closure in 2007. Subsequently, it was acquired by CNL Lifestyle Properties and transformed into “Wild Waves Theme & Water Park,” which continues to entertain visitors with a combination of water rides and theme park attractions.

Enchanted Village & Wild Waves Water Park Map 2023

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