H2OBX Waterpark Map and Brochure (2017 – 2023)

Location: Powells Point, North Carolina

Years Active: 2017 – Active

H2OBX Waterpark It’s loud, it’s crowded… and it’s a blast. Sure, it’s not some serene island escape, but if you want water slides that’ll make you scream, this is your spot. They’ve got the heart-stoppers like “The Plank” – not for the faint of heart.

Need to cool down? The wave pool is massive, but good luck finding a spot to chill on weekends. Grab a floaty early, or you’ll be dodging kids for hours. Speaking of kids, they’ve got a decent little splash area, but be prepared for some serious meltdowns – those lines get long.

Want the inside scoop? Skip the pricey park food and pack your own feast. They don’t mind coolers, and your wallet will thank you. H2OBX throws some fun summer events too…if you can handle the extra chaos.

Love it or hate it, H2OBX delivers on the thrills. Just manage your expectations, and you’re in for a wild ride.

How many slides are at H2OBX?

H2OBX, a waterpark located in Powell’s Point, North Carolina, features a total of 30 water slides. These slides offer a variety of thrilling experiences, including tube slides, body slides, and mat slides, ensuring entertainment for visitors of all ages.

What are the height requirements for H2OBX?

The height requirements for the water slides at H2OBX vary depending on the specific slide. Generally, there are slides suitable for all age groups, with height restrictions ranging from as low as 36 inches (91 cm) for some of the milder attractions, to 48 inches (122 cm) for more adventurous slides. The park provides a comprehensive guide outlining the height restrictions for each slide to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all guests.

How big is H2OBX?

H2OBX is an expansive waterpark, covering approximately 80 acres of land. It boasts a wide array of attractions beyond the water slides, including wave pools, lazy rivers, and splash zones. With its diverse range of water features and recreational areas, H2OBX provides a vast and entertaining space for visitors to enjoy during their visit.

H2OBX Waterpark Map 2023

H2OBX Waterpark Map 2017

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