Woodland Park Zoo Map and Brochure (2012 – 2023)

Location: Seattle, Washington

Years Active: 1899 – Active

Located amidst the vibrant cityscape of Seattle, Washington, the Woodland Park Zoo stands as a testament to the city’s commitment to wildlife conservation and education. Since its opening on May 20, 1899, as a modest menagerie, the zoo has evolved into a world-renowned institution dedicated to promoting the appreciation and preservation of our planet’s rich biodiversity. Located in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood, this 92-acre oasis immerses visitors in diverse ecosystems and showcases over 1,100 animals from around the globe.

Woodland Park Zoo’s central theme revolves around wildlife conservation, animal welfare, and environmental education. Its mission is to inspire visitors to protect and care for nature while fostering connections between people and animals. The zoo’s key attractions include immersive exhibits like the award-winning African Savanna, Northern Trail, and Tropical Rain Forest, where visitors can encounter majestic giraffes, grizzly bears, jaguars, and a myriad of other fascinating species.

In 2022, the Woodland Park Zoo welcomed over 1.3 million visitors, reaffirming its status as a beloved cultural and educational institution in the Pacific Northwest. Looking ahead, the zoo has ambitious expansion plans aimed at furthering its commitment to wildlife conservation and education. These plans include the development of new exhibits and enhanced visitor experiences, ensuring that this remarkable institution continues to inspire generations to come in their efforts to protect our planet’s diverse and precious ecosystems.

Who owns the Woodland Park Zoo?

The Woodland Park Zoo is owned and operated by the city of Seattle, Washington, in the United States. It is a publicly-owned zoo that serves as a significant cultural and educational institution within the city.

What does Woodland Park Zoo do?

Woodland Park Zoo’s primary mission is to inspire people to learn, care for, and take action to conserve wildlife and their habitats. It achieves this through a range of activities and initiatives, including animal exhibits, educational programs, conservation efforts, and community engagement. The zoo houses a diverse collection of animals from around the world and conducts research and conservation projects to contribute to the preservation of endangered species and their ecosystems.

Who is the CEO of Woodland Park?

Alejandro Grajal served as the President and CEO of Woodland Park Zoo. Please note that leadership positions at organizations can change over time, so I recommend verifying the current CEO by visiting the official website of Woodland Park Zoo or conducting an online search for the most up-to-date information.

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