Henry Vilas Zoo Map and Brochure (2017)

Location: Richmond, Virginia

Years Active: 1911 – Active

Situated in the heart of Richmond, Virginia, the Henry Vilas Zoo stands as a cherished haven of wildlife and natural splendor. Established in 1911, this remarkable institution holds a special place in Richmond’s cultural tapestry, serving as a beacon of conservation, education, and family-friendly entertainment. The zoo’s opening date marked a significant milestone, reflecting Richmond’s commitment to housing exotic and native species, while fostering wonder and understanding among its visitors.

The central theme of the Henry Vilas Zoo revolves around wildlife conservation and education. As visitors explore meticulously designed habitats, they encounter a diverse array of animals from around the world, including African lions, Asian elephants, and South American primates. The zoo’s commitment to environmental stewardship and animal welfare is evident in its dedication to creating naturalistic enclosures that prioritize the well-being of its residents.

The zoo’s calendar is punctuated with a variety of festivals and events that enhance the visitor experience. From Boo at the Zoo during Halloween to the popular Earth Day celebration, these gatherings provide opportunities for families and individuals to engage with wildlife conservation in fun and interactive ways.

How old is Henry Vilas Zoo?

Henry Vilas Zoo is a prominent zoological park located in Madison, Wisconsin. Established in 1911, the zoo has a rich history of more than a century. It has continuously expanded and evolved over the years to become a significant educational and conservation institution.

Who is the executive director of Henry Vilas Zoo?

The executive director of Henry Vilas Zoo was Dane County Executive Joe Parisi. Please note that leadership positions can change over time, so it’s advisable to verify this information for the most current details.

Henry Vilas Zoo Map 2017

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