Hogle Zoo Map and Brochure (2022 – 2023)

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Years Active: 1931 – Active

Hogle Zoo, nestled in the picturesque city of Salt Lake City, Utah, is a captivating haven for wildlife enthusiasts and families alike. Established on August 1, 1931, this cherished institution has grown into one of the region’s premier zoological parks. Situated at the mouth of Emigration Canyon, Hogle Zoo boasts a stunning backdrop of the majestic Wasatch Mountains, creating a serene and picturesque environment for visitors.

The zoo’s overarching theme of “Connecting People with the Natural World” underscores its commitment to conservation, education, and recreation. Hogle Zoo is home to over 800 animals representing a diverse array of species from around the globe.

From majestic African lions to playful South American river otters, the zoo’s key attractions provide visitors with an opportunity to witness the beauty and wonder of the animal kingdom up close. Beyond its remarkable animal exhibits, Hogle Zoo hosts a range of engaging festivals and events throughout the year, such as BooLights and ZooLights, offering visitors an enchanting and immersive experience.

How much is it to go to the Hogle Zoo?

The admission fees for the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City, Utah, typically vary depending on the age of the visitor. General adult admission was approximately $19.95, while children (ages 3-12) and seniors (age 65+) were charged around $15.95. Toddlers aged 2 and under could enter for free. n.

How large is the Hogle Zoo?

The Hogle Zoo spans approximately 42 acres (170,000 square meters) in size. This expansive space allows the zoo to provide comfortable habitats for a diverse collection of animal species, ensuring their well-being and the opportunity for visitors to experience a wide range of wildlife in a spacious and naturalistic environment.

Hogle Zoo Map 2023

Hogle Zoo Map 2022

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