Zootah Map and Brochure (2022)

Location: Logan, Utah

Years Active: 1928 – Active

Located in the picturesque city of Logan, Utah, Zootah stands as a cherished gem within Cache Valley. Established on July 2, 1928, this delightful zoological oasis has been captivating visitors for nearly a century. Zootah’s overarching theme centers around the conservation and education of native and exotic species, making it a hub of both entertainment and enlightenment. Its commitment to fostering a profound connection between humans and wildlife is evident in its diverse range of attractions, celebrated festivals, and soaring visitor statistics.

Visitors to Zootah can embark on an extraordinary journey through its lush, 9.5-acre expanse, featuring over 400 animals representing 100 different species. Among its key attractions are the captivating cougar exhibit, where elusive mountain lions roam, and the enchanting primate habitat, home to lively lemurs and engaging capuchins. Additionally, the zoo boasts an impressive array of birds, reptiles, and small mammals, providing a comprehensive showcase of the animal kingdom’s wonders.

Zootah’s calendar is punctuated with exciting festivals and events, such as the annual “Zoo Boo” Halloween celebration and the “Wildlife Wednesdays” summer program, which offer visitors unique opportunities to connect with the animal kingdom.

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