Kemah Boardwalk Map and Brochure (2011 – 2023)

Location: Kemah, Texas

Years Active: 1997 – Active

The Kemah Boardwalk… it’s that classic seaside spot Texans love, but it can get touristy fast. It opened back in ’97, and yeah, some of that old-timey charm feels a bit manufactured now. But hey, if you crave fried seafood, spinning rides, and the scream of excited kids, it’ll do the trick.

It’s crowded, especially on weekends. Parking is a nightmare. Yet, those Ferris wheel views of the Bay at sunset are pretty sweet. Plus, you might find some surprisingly good deals on weeknights. For real fun, skip the big restaurants and hit up the hole-in-the-wall taco stands – way better food.

If you’re into fishing, rent a pole and try your luck off the pier. You might reel in a decent catch while dodging the crowds. And check the events calendar – sometimes they have low-key concerts or festivals that are more about locals and less about crazy lines.

How did Kemah Boardwalk get its name?

The Kemah Boardwalk derived its name from the picturesque coastal city of Kemah, Texas, where it is located. “Kemah” is believed to be of Native American origin, specifically from the Karankawa tribe, and is thought to mean “wind in the face” or “calm waters.” The boardwalk’s name reflects its location along the shores of Galveston Bay, offering visitors a serene and scenic setting for entertainment and dining.

Who owns the boardwalk in Kemah?

The Kemah Boardwalk is owned and operated by Landry’s, Inc., a Houston-based hospitality and entertainment company. Landry’s, Inc. acquired the Kemah Boardwalk in 2005 and has since maintained and developed it into a prominent entertainment complex featuring restaurants, amusement rides, retail shops, and waterfront views, making it a major tourist destination in the area.

Kemah Boardwalk Map 2023

Kemah Boardwalk Map 2014

Kemah Boardwalk Map 2011

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