Wonderland Amusement Park Map and Brochure (2010)

Location: Amarillo, Texas

Years Active: 1951 – Active

Wonderland Amusement Park ain’t Disney, but it’s got that Texas charm. It’s been around forever – since 1951 – mostly serving up the same old rides to generations of families. Some folks say it’s a little dated, kinda rough around the edges. But hey, that’s part of its appeal. It feels real, not some corporate fantasy land.

The Texas Tornado coaster is the star here. It’ll throw you around good! For something calmer, the Wonderland Express is a classic. Little ones love it. And if you’re here in summer, the water park’s the only way to stay sane in that heat.

They get crazy crowds during Christmas. The lights are pretty, but unless you like waiting in line forever, maybe visit some other time. Word is they’re planning more rides. Some locals grumble they should fix up what’s already there before getting fancy, but new stuff might draw in bigger crowds. Wonderland’s a Texas tradition. If you want a taste of that down-home amusement park vibe, it’s worth a visit.

How old is Wonderland in Amarillo Texas?

Wonderland in Amarillo, Texas, is a family amusement park that first opened its doors on January 1, 1951.

Wonderland Amusement Park Map 2010

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