Morgan’s Wonderland Map and Brochure (2011 – 2023)

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Years Active: 2010 – Active

Morgan’s Wonderland is different. Sure, there are rides, but the real magic is how everyone feels welcome. It was built with a mission – a place where kids like Gordon Hartman’s daughter, Morgan, could play freely. No awkward stares, no feeling left out.

Forget roller coasters and funnel cake. This is about something deeper. But don’t worry – it’s still tons of fun! The Wonderland Express is perfect for chilling out and seeing the sights. Want to get a little crazy? Hit up the Butterfly Playground!

Texas heat is no joke. If you can, visit Morgan’s Inspiration Island, their awesome water park. It’s designed for everyone too.

The real draw of Morgan’s Wonderland? The atmosphere. Kids (and adults) with all kinds of challenges can just be themselves. It’s a beautiful thing to see.

What is the story behind Morgan’s Wonderland?

Morgan’s Wonderland is an inclusive amusement park located in San Antonio, Texas, designed to accommodate individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities. The park was founded by Gordon Hartman in 2010, inspired by his daughter, Morgan, who has cognitive and physical challenges. The idea for the park arose from a father’s desire to create a place where individuals of all abilities could play and enjoy life without barriers. Morgan’s Wonderland provides accessible rides, attractions, and programs to foster inclusion and promote understanding among people of varying abilities.

Who owns Morgan’s Wonderland by owner?

Morgan’s Wonderland is owned by Gordon Hartman, a philanthropist and businessman who initiated the park’s creation. He founded The Gordon Hartman Family Foundation, which supports initiatives to enhance the lives of individuals with special needs. Gordon’s commitment to inclusivity and his daughter Morgan’s inspiration led to the establishment of Morgan’s Wonderland as a place where people of all abilities can come together and experience the joy of recreation.

Morgan’s Wonderland Map 2023

Morgan’s Wonderland Map 2011

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