Little Rock Zoo Map and Brochure (2010 – 2023)

Location: Little Rock, Arkansas

Years Active: 1926 – Active

The Little Rock Zoo, located in the heart of Little Rock, Arkansas, is a captivating destination that merges the wonders of the animal kingdom with a dedication to education, conservation, and family entertainment. Established on October 13, 1926, this beloved institution spans approximately 33 acres within War Memorial Park, offering a serene and picturesque setting for both locals and tourists to explore the natural world.

The zoo’s overarching theme is to inspire an appreciation for wildlife and its conservation, achieved through a wide array of engaging and educational experiences. Notable attractions include the award-winning Laura P. Nichols Penguin Pointe, where visitors can observe playful penguins in their habitat, and the Lorikeet Landing, an interactive aviary where guests can feed and interact with colorful lorikeets. Additionally, the Cheetah Outpost and Arkansas Heritage Farm provide exciting opportunities for visitors to learn about and connect with remarkable animals from around the globe.

The Little Rock Zoo hosts a variety of exciting festivals and events, from Boo at the Zoo during Halloween to the enchanting Wild Wines fundraiser, adding to its appeal. Recent visitor statistics reflect the zoo’s enduring popularity, with thousands of annual guests exploring its exhibits and participating in educational programs.

Furthermore, the zoo has ambitious expansion plans on the horizon, aiming to enhance its facilities and offerings to provide even more enriching experiences for visitors and strengthen its commitment to wildlife conservation. With its rich history, commitment to education, and exciting plans for the future, the Little Rock Zoo remains a cherished destination for nature enthusiasts of all ages.

What is the history of the Little Rock Zoo?

The Little Rock Zoo, located in Little Rock, Arkansas, has a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1926. It originally began as a small collection of animals in a park, and over the years, it has evolved into a modern and accredited zoological facility. The zoo’s growth and development have been marked by various expansions and renovations, including the construction of naturalistic exhibits, educational programs, and conservation initiatives. Today, the Little Rock Zoo serves as a hub for both entertainment and education, playing a vital role in wildlife conservation and public engagement in central Arkansas.

How big is the Little Rock Zoo?

The Little Rock Zoo spans approximately 33 acres of land within the city of Little Rock, Arkansas. Over the years, it has undergone several expansions and renovations to enhance the living conditions for its animal residents and improve the overall experience for visitors. The zoo’s 33-acre area includes a variety of exhibits, habitats, and facilities that showcase a diverse collection of animal species and offer educational programs, making it an engaging destination for both entertainment and learning in the region.

Little Rock Zoo Map 2023

Little Rock Zoo Map 2010

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