Magic Park Verden Map and Brochure (2021 – 2024)

Location: Verden an der Aller, Germany

Years Active: 1971 – Active

Magic Park Verden isn’t trying to be the biggest or the most thrilling park in Germany. Instead, it’s a place where old-school rides meet fairytale whimsy. You’ll find gentler coasters and classic attractions with a side of playful magic.

This park delivers smiles, not adrenaline spikes. The slower pace might just be a breath of fresh air for some visitors. Kids will love the fantastical theming, and parents will appreciate the nostalgic vibes.

Insider tip: Don’t be fooled by the sleepy pace of the ‘Verhexten Baumstamm’ log flume. After a gentle float through a spooky forest, there’s a surprise drop that’ll get you giggling!

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Magic Park Verden Map 2024

Magic Park Verden Map 2023

Magic Park Verden Map 2022

Magic Park Verden Map 2021

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