Therme Erding Map and Brochure (2023 – 2024)

Location: Erding, Germany

Years Active: 1999 – Active

Want a unique waterpark adventure? Think beyond the standard slides and pools. Germany’s Therme Erding offers a massive complex inspired by European spas. The promise is exciting – thrilling slides, relaxing pools, and a huge sauna area to unwind.

But prepare for tradeoffs. Therme Erding delivers on variety, but be warned: crowds are common. The relaxation factor can disappear, especially on weekends. Prices can also be steep, depending on which zones you want to access.

But there’s a hidden gem! The “Crazy River” is surprisingly versatile. Usually, it’s perfect for chilling out. However, they sometimes kick up the current, transforming it into a wild, foamy ride. Keep an eye on the schedule or ask a staff member for the high-speed times.

What is the meaning of Therme Erding?

The name Therme Erding has a two-part meaning. “Therme” is the German word for thermal baths or spa. “Erding” references the town in Bavaria, Germany, where the water park is located.

Who is the owner of Therme Erding?

Therme Erding is owned and operated by the Wund Group. This German company specializes in developing and managing wellness and leisure projects.

Therme Erding Map 2024

Therme Erding Map 2023

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