SeaWorld Orlando Map 2021

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2021 has seen SeaWorld undergo three significant changes that have made the popular destination even more exciting for its visitors. Just by examining the SeaWorld Orlando map 2021, you can see one major upgrade. The SeaWorld Orlando New Ride 2021: the new ‘Ice Breaker’ roller coaster, but that’s not all either.

SeaWorld, Orlando has undergone some significant renovations and uplifts that are sure to make your experience even more memorable. This article is meant to cover, some of the notable upgrades done on the famous park and how they are intended to improve your experience.

Let’s dive right in and have a look at some of these changes.

What are some of the most exciting SeaWorld Orlando map 2021 changes?

An Upgraded Entrance

If there is one thing that SeaWorld is best known for, it’s setting the appropriate welcome mat for visitors. SeaWorld has taken this a notch higher by revamping the entrance by painting a fantastic mural on its iconic ‘lighthouse’ structure at the entrance.

The park presented the 50-foot-tall structure to five different artists who painted a new and vibrant mural, covering the entire building. The mural and the new Instagram wall feature more than 16 different sea creatures and a fresh color palette that’s exciting and evocative. Through the backlit images, SeaWorld’s nighttime experience offers an entirely new look that you certainly don’t want to miss.

SeaWorld’s New Food Venues

Apart from the beautiful images painted by highly talented artists, SeaWorld also emphasized food and food venues. The company puts lots of emphasis on culinary events. Therefore, it makes sense that they’d add three more venues (altitude burgers, Lakeside Grill, and Edy’s Ice cream parlor), slightly focusing on other culinary experiences.

Altitude Burgers

Altitude burgers is a burger bar that has been designed to complement the ice breaker both literally and thematically. The burger bar has a frozen theme and is located near the roller coaster. You get to relax and enjoy your custom-designed ‘ultimate’ burger, grilled chicken sandwiches, or even an artisan pizza with some beers.

Lakeside Grill

The lakeside grill features a 600-gallon aquarium with several species of reef fish and live coral. The culinary spot is designed in coastal decor that’ll make you feel relaxed, refreshed, and ready to enjoy a few kabobs, turkey burgers, etc.

Edy’s Ice Cream Parlor

You could finish this fantastic trio of culinary delight by enjoying most of the fourteen different ice cream flavors in Edy’s ice cream parlor adjacent to the dolphin nursery. You could also get to enjoy enormous brown sundaes and mega-monster milkshakes that can have shots of various liqueurs or cordials added.

SeaWorld’s Renovated Experiences

While the park may not have undergone lots of structural changes, SeaWorld has undergone significant renovations that have made the park feel completely refreshed as a whole. For instance, the addition of more culinary options, its attractions like the various animal presentations in the dolphin cove, and the fresh reimagining done to the shark encounter and other habitats that feature sea life like lobster and lionfish.


The hours of operation for SeaWorld are 10 am to 8 pm, and you should take all necessary safety precautions to ensure your safety during this pandemic. If you are looking to plan a SeaWorld 2021 vacation, it would be best to look at our SeaWorld Orlando map 2021 update to find these and more places that you could try out.

What do you love most about SeaWorld, and are you considering planning a trip?

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