Mini Castle Park Map and Brochure (2020 – 2023)

Location: Amboise, France

Years Active: 1996 – Active

Okay, if you want a theme park experience that’s a little different, a little more chill, then listen up. Forget the giant, modern parks with all the crazy rides. Mini Castle Park in Amboise, France is where it’s at! Think tiny castles, adorable villages, and a chance to try out all sorts of cool Renaissance stuff.

It’s definitely smaller and way less crowded. Great for families with little ones or if you just like things a bit more relaxed. But hey, don’t think there’s nothing to do because of that!

Insider Tip: Here’s the thing – they’ve got archery lessons hidden away in the park. Like, with real archers showing you how it’s done. Super cool way to get into the whole historical vibe!

Mini Castle Park Map 2023

Mini Castle Park Map 2022

Mini Castle Park Map 2021

Mini Castle Park Map 2020

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