Parc de Préhistoire de Bretagne Map and Brochure (2021 – 2023)

Location: Malansac, France

Years Active: 1988 – Active

Forget those shiny, super-fast roller coasters for a minute. Want to feel something truly different? Parc de Préhistoire de Bretagne is your ticket to the prehistoric world! Think less crowds and noisy rides, more exploring a wild, forgotten landscape where dinosaurs roamed.

This park isn’t about cutting-edge thrills or fancy tech. It’s about slowing down and getting back to something raw. Walk the paths our ancestors walked, see how they hunted, made tools… it’s the kind of place history buffs and nature lovers will adore. Sure, it might not be the most polished experience ever, but hey, that’s part of the adventure!

Insider Tip: Ever want to sleep under the stars, surrounded by whispers of the past? Keep an eye out for “Neolithic Night” events! You’ll see how ancient people made fire, heard their stories, and maybe even tried your hand at their way of life. Talk about history coming alive!

Parc de Préhistoire de Bretagne Map 2023

Parc de Préhistoire de Bretagne Map 2022

Parc de Préhistoire de Bretagne Map 2021

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