Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens Map and Brochure (2019 – 2023)

Location: Naples, Florida

Years Active: 1969 – Active

Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens isn’t your average animal park. It’s got history – the place was founded way back in 1919! You’ll find old Florida charm here, mixed in with the wild animal exhibits. It’s the perfect spot for those who like a little nature with their wildlife.

Speaking of those exhibits… get ready for some serious face-to-face time with lions, giraffes, and monkeys. Naples Zoo doesn’t do giant enclosures. You’ll get surprisingly close! Some people find it a little unnerving, which adds to the thrill.

Ditch the crowds and go early in the morning. The animals are more active when it’s cool, giving you way better encounters. Plus, the gardens… wow! Lush orchids, giant palms – they’re practically an attraction all on their own.

What happened to the animals at the Naples Zoo with the hurricane?

During Hurricane Irma in 2017, the animals at the Naples Zoo, located in Naples, Florida, were moved to secure enclosures and shelters to ensure their safety. The zoo’s staff followed well-established emergency protocols to protect the animals from the storm’s potential dangers. The dedicated efforts of the zoo’s personnel helped prevent any harm to the animals in their care, and post-hurricane evaluations confirmed that the animals were unharmed.

How old is the Naples Zoo?

The Naples Zoo, officially known as the “Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens,” was established in 1919. It has a rich history, making it over a century old. Originally founded as a tropical garden attraction, the Naples Zoo has evolved into a renowned zoological institution, committed to education, conservation, and the well-being of its diverse animal inhabitants.

What was the Naples Zoo called?

The Naples Zoo was originally known as “Caribbean Gardens” when it opened in 1919. It combined lush tropical gardens with exotic animal exhibits, providing visitors with a unique experience. Over time, it transitioned into a more traditional zoo setting and became officially recognized as the “Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens.” This name reflects its historical roots while emphasizing its mission as a modern zoological institution.

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