Shell Factory & Nature Park Map and Brochure (2023)

Location: Fort Myers, Florida

Years Active: 1938 – Active

Love it or hate it, the Shell Factory & Nature Park is a Florida classic. It’s been around since 1938, so they must be doing something right! Sure, some of it’s super kitschy, but there’s weird fun to be had.

Think giant seashells, a nature park with exotic animals, even a zip line! Their Natural History Museum houses some truly impressive shell collections. The Butterfly House will dazzle you if you like that sort of thing. Kids (and some adults) will adore the petting zoo.

The Shell Factory loves a good festival. Check their calendar – you might stumble on a quirky craft fair or a full-blown pirate bash. Word on the street is they’re planning to expand the place, so keep an eye out for new attractions.

Who Are the Owners of the Shell Factory?

The Shell Factory & Nature Park, located in North Fort Myers, Florida, is privately owned by the Tovoli family. Established in 1938, it has remained under the ownership and management of the Tovoli family for generations. The Shell Factory is a renowned tourist destination known for its extensive collection of seashells, a nature park, a retail store, and various family-friendly attractions.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Into Shell Factory Fort Myers?

The admission cost to enter the Shell Factory in Fort Myers can vary depending on several factors, including age and specific attractions you wish to access. General admission for adults typically ranged from $12 to $17, while children and seniors often received discounted rates.

Shell Factory & Nature Park Map 2023

Shell Factory & Nature Park Map 2020

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