Brevard Zoo Map and Brochure (2021 – 2023)

Location: Melbourne, Florida

Years Active: 1994 – Active

The Brevard Zoo isn’t your average animal park. Sure, you’ll find the usual suspects – giraffes, lions, the works. But here’s an insider tip: their reptile collection is seriously underrated. Plus, if you’re lucky, you might catch a keeper training session. Those can get fascinating… and sometimes a bit messy!

Want controversy? Some folks find the smaller enclosures a bit cramped. But hey, that’s the reality facing many zoos, and the Brevard Zoo puts that extra cash towards world-class animal care. The staff truly live and breathe the animals. Ever wanted to chat with a zookeeper for way too long about anteater poop? Here’s your chance!

Space Coast locals know Brevard has its own rhythm. Go on a weekday morning for a crowd-free experience and the chance to see the animals at their most active. Don’t miss the feeding sessions— they can get rambunctious. And if you’re into events, “Boo at the Zoo” is absolutely adorable, but “Safari Under the Stars” is the real party (if you can snag tickets!).

When was Brevard Zoo founded?

Brevard Zoo was founded on March 26, 1994. It is located in Melbourne, Florida, and was established with the mission of promoting wildlife conservation through education, research, and recreational experiences.

What rank is Brevard Zoo?

Brevard Zoo does not have an official global ranking among zoos, as rankings can vary depending on criteria such as size, animal collection, and visitor numbers. However, it is recognized as one of the prominent zoological institutions in Florida, known for its commitment to conservation, animal welfare, and educational programs.

Brevard Zoo Map 2023

Brevard Zoo Map 2021

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