Brevard Zoo Map and Brochure (2021 – 2023)

Location: Melbourne, Florida

Years Active: 1994 – Active

Located along the picturesque Space Coast of Florida, Brevard Zoo in Melbourne offers visitors an immersive wildlife experience like no other. Established on March 26, 1994, this zoological gem has since become a cherished destination for both locals and tourists alike. With a captivating theme centered around conservation, education, and unforgettable encounters with the animal kingdom, the Brevard Zoo has firmly cemented its place in the hearts of nature enthusiasts of all ages.

Spanning over 75 acres, the Brevard Zoo boasts a diverse array of wildlife from around the globe. From the lush and interactive “Africa” exhibit featuring giraffes, zebras, and rhinos to the enchanting “Rainforest Revealed,” where vibrant birds, jaguars, and playful otters call home, the zoo offers a unique blend of animal encounters. Additionally, the Zoo hosts a variety of engaging festivals and events throughout the year, such as Boo at the Zoo during Halloween and the popular Safari Under the Stars fundraiser. Recent visitor statistics reveal that the Brevard Zoo consistently draws in over 450,000 visitors annually, testament to its enduring appeal.

When was Brevard Zoo founded?

Brevard Zoo was founded on March 26, 1994. It is located in Melbourne, Florida, and was established with the mission of promoting wildlife conservation through education, research, and recreational experiences.

What rank is Brevard Zoo?

Brevard Zoo does not have an official global ranking among zoos, as rankings can vary depending on criteria such as size, animal collection, and visitor numbers. However, it is recognized as one of the prominent zoological institutions in Florida, known for its commitment to conservation, animal welfare, and educational programs.

Brevard Zoo Map 2023

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