Jungle Adventures Nature Park & Zoo Map and Brochure (2021 – 2022)

Location: Christmas, Florida

Years Active: 1960 – Active

Situated amid the picturesque landscapes of Christmas, Florida, Jungle Adventures Nature Park & Zoo beckons visitors to embark on a timeless journey into the heart of the Sunshine State’s diverse ecosystems. Established in 1960, this extraordinary park has consistently upheld its mission of preserving native wildlife and educating visitors about Florida’s natural wonders.

As you explore the winding boardwalks that meander through cypress swamps and lush hammocks, you’ll encounter indigenous alligators, black bears, and elusive panthers, all thriving in their native habitats. Jungle Adventures offers more than just entertainment; it hosts engaging wildlife shows and interactive animal encounters that appeal to families and devoted nature enthusiasts alike.

Jungle Adventures Nature Park & Zoo Map 2022

Jungle Adventures Nature Park & Zoo Map 2021

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