Jungle Adventures Nature Park & Zoo Map and Brochure (2021 – 2022)

Location: Christmas, Florida

Years Active: 1960 – Active

Jungle Adventures Nature Park & Zoo is a throwback. It’s a little old-school, a little gritty – a world away from the polished theme park experience. Think of it as Florida untamed, with a side of old roadside attraction charm. You’ll see gators bigger than your car, panthers prowling the shadows, and bears that definitely don’t do tricks.

The shows? Pure Florida energy, maybe even a little cheesy. But hey, where else can you watch a gator feeding frenzy? want the best view? Get there early and stake out a spot up front. Be prepared to get a little…splashed.

This isn’t a place for the squeamish. The animal enclosures are big and natural – sometimes that means you might not get a perfect view. It gets hot, the paths aren’t perfect, and yeah, those mosquitoes are no joke. But if you want to see a side of Florida most tourists miss, Jungle Adventures is a wild ride worth taking.

Jungle Adventures Nature Park & Zoo Map 2022

Jungle Adventures Nature Park & Zoo Map 2021

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