Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo Map and Brochure (2023)

Location: Gainesville, Florida

Years Active: 1970 – Active

Located in the picturesque city of Gainesville, Florida, the Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo stands as a captivating testament to the wonders of the animal kingdom. Established in 1970, this unique educational institution has become a cherished part of the local community and a beacon for wildlife enthusiasts from far and wide. The Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo is a veritable haven for both wildlife enthusiasts and inquisitive learners, offering an array of captivating exhibits and educational programs that foster a deep appreciation for the diverse flora and fauna that grace our planet.

At the heart of this extraordinary zoo lies its theme of conservation and education. Visitors are treated to a remarkable collection of over 200 animals, representing a broad spectrum of species from around the world. Among its key attractions, the zoo proudly houses majestic big cats, charming primates, and an exquisite array of exotic birds. The institution’s dedication to fostering awareness and appreciation for wildlife is evident through its hands-on educational programs, guided tours, and interactive exhibits, making it a dynamic resource for both students and the general public.

Who is the director of the Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo?

The Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo, located in Gainesville, Florida, is directed by Dr. Jonathan Miot, who has been actively involved in the field of zoology and wildlife conservation. Dr. Miot’s leadership has played a pivotal role in the zoo’s educational and conservation efforts.

How big is the Santa Fe Teaching zoo?

The Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo encompasses approximately 10 acres of land. This facility provides a suitable and spacious environment for a diverse collection of exotic and native animal species. The zoo’s size allows for the proper care and management of its animal residents while offering educational opportunities for students and the public.

Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo Map 2023

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