Nashville Shores Map and Brochure (2014 – 2023)

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Years Active: 1998 – Active

Nashville Shores it’s not just a water park, it’s a Nashville must-do. Think heart-pounding slides, a massive wave pool, and that classic lazy river. Perfect for thrill-seekers and families who just want to chill. Bonus: it’s super close to downtown, an easy escape from those busy Nashville streets.

Here’s the thing they go big on seasonal events. We’re talking cool festivals you won’t hear about on some brochure. Want an insider edge? Check their website before you go – you might score something special.

Now, some straight talk it gets packed on weekends (locals love it too!). If crowds stress you out, hit it up on a weekday for a smoother ride. Want a splurge? Rent a cabana – it’s shaded, and those snacks they deliver are a serious lifesaver.

What city is Nashville Shores in?

Nashville Shores is located in the city of Hermitage, Tennessee. Situated along the shores of Percy Priest Lake, it offers a range of recreational activities and amenities, including waterpark attractions, RV camping, and lakeside cabins.

How much does Nashville Shores pay?

Nashville Shores does not disclose specific pay rates publicly, as they may vary depending on factors such as job role, experience, and seasonal fluctuations. Prospective employees are encouraged to inquire directly with the company regarding compensation packages and employment opportunities.

Does Nashville Shores have alcohol?

Nashville Shores does offer alcoholic beverages for purchase at designated areas within the park. However, alcohol consumption is subject to specific rules and regulations enforced by the park management to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all guests.

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