NRH2O Family Water Park Map and Brochure (2016 – 2023)

Location: North Richland Hills, Texas

Years Active: 1995 – Active

NRH2O Family Water Park, nestled in the heart of North Richland Hills, Texas, stands as a refreshing oasis that has been delighting visitors since its grand opening on May 10, 1995. Situated within the vibrant Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, this water park offers a splendid retreat from the Texas heat and is a favorite destination for families seeking aquatic adventures. The park’s vibrant, tropical theme immerses guests in a world of fun and relaxation, making it a beloved fixture of summertime entertainment in the region.

NRH2O boasts an impressive array of attractions, ranging from thrilling water slides to tranquil lazy rivers. Adrenaline-seekers can conquer slides like the thrilling “Green Extreme” or the twisting “Sidewinder,” while those in search of relaxation can float along the winding “Endless River” or soak up the sun on the sandy beach. The park also hosts a variety of seasonal festivals and events, including Dive-In Movies and the renowned “NRH2O’s Beach Bash.” With an emphasis on family-friendly fun, this water park offers something for visitors of all ages.

As a testament to its popularity, NRH2O Family Water Park has consistently attracted a substantial number of visitors year after year. Recent statistics indicate that the park welcomed over 250,000 guests during its peak season, making it a staple in the community’s summer tradition. To cater to the growing demand and ensure a memorable experience for future visitors, NRH2O has embarked on ambitious expansion plans, which include the addition of new attractions, upgraded facilities, and improved guest amenities. This dedication to growth and excellence ensures that NRH2O Family Water Park will continue to be a premier destination for aquatic fun in North Richland Hills and beyond.

Who Owns NRH20?

NRH2O, a popular water park located in North Richland Hills, Texas, is owned and operated by the city itself. The park is a municipal facility, managed by the North Richland Hills Parks and Recreation Department. NRH2O offers a wide range of water attractions, including water slides, wave pools, and lazy rivers, providing entertainment and recreation to both residents and visitors in the North Richland Hills area. The city government oversees its maintenance, staff, and overall operations, making it a community asset for aquatic enjoyment and relaxation.

NRH2O Family Water Park Map 2023

NRH2O Family Water Park Map 2016

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