Splashway Waterpark & Campground Map and Brochure (2019 – 2023)

Location: Sheridan, Texas

Years Active: 2006 – Active

Splashway Waterpark & Campground – a Texas-sized splash in the town of Sheridan. It’s got a Wild West theme, and sure, that can feel a little cheesy. But once you’re barreling down a waterslide, you won’t care. This place is pure fun.

They’ve got the classics: a wave pool for bobbing around, a lazy river for extra chill vibes, and slides that’ll leave your heart pounding. The kiddos have their own splash zone, too. But here’s the Splashway isn’t just about getting soaked. Check their calendar – sometimes they throw concerts, festivals, you name it.

Splashway’s popularity is exploding. Weekends get seriously crowded. If you hate lines, consider visiting on weekdays for a little more breathing room. Also, word on the street is they’re planning some big expansions. Keep an eye on this place; it’s only going to get better.

Who is the owner of Splashway?

Splashway Waterpark and Campground is privately owned by the Meinen family. The park, situated in Sheridan, Texas, was founded and established by the Meinen family in 2006. Since then, it has evolved into a popular destination for family-friendly waterpark and camping experiences. The Meinen family continues to manage and operate Splashway, ensuring the park’s commitment to providing a memorable recreational experience for its visitors.

Does Splashway allow coolers?

Splashway Waterpark and Campground has guidelines regarding coolers brought into the park. While the specific policies may change, they typically allow visitors to bring in small coolers with snacks and non-alcoholic beverages for personal consumption. However, it’s essential to review the most up-to-date policies on the official website or contact Splashway directly to ensure compliance with their current cooler regulations. Please be considerate of the park’s rules and fellow visitors when bringing coolers to Splashway.

Splashway Waterpark & Campground Map 2023

Splashway Waterpark & Campground Map 2020

Splashway Waterpark & Campground Map 2019

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