Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society Map and Brochure (2013 – 2023)

Location: West Palm Beach, Florida

Years Active: 1969 – Active

The Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society, nestled within the vibrant city of West Palm Beach, Florida, is a renowned wildlife sanctuary and conservation hub. Since its grand opening on March 1, 1969, this enchanting establishment has captivated the hearts of visitors and wildlife enthusiasts from far and wide. Situated amidst the lush surroundings of Dreher Park, this zoo offers a captivating blend of education, entertainment, and conservation efforts, all while fostering a deep appreciation for the world’s diverse flora and fauna.

The zoo’s central theme revolves around the preservation and protection of endangered species and their natural habitats. Its 23-acre expanse hosts a remarkable array of animals, including jaguars, koalas, Malayan tigers, and more. Visitors can embark on a thrilling journey through meticulously crafted exhibits, where they can witness these majestic creatures up close while learning about the critical conservation efforts aimed at safeguarding their futures.

Furthermore, the Palm Beach Zoo offers a dynamic calendar of events and festivals throughout the year, engaging both young and old in fun and educational experiences that promote wildlife conservation.

How big is the Palm Beach Zoo?

The Palm Beach Zoo, located in West Palm Beach, Florida, covers approximately 23 acres of land. This zoological facility offers a diverse range of habitats and exhibits for its animal residents, featuring over 550 animals representing various species from around the world. Visitors can explore lush tropical landscapes, interactive exhibits, and educational programs designed to promote wildlife conservation and awareness.

When was Palm Beach Zoo opened?

The Palm Beach Zoo officially opened its doors to the public on March 1, 1969. Since its inception, the zoo has undergone numerous expansions and improvements to enhance the visitor experience and provide better care for its animal inhabitants. It has become a prominent cultural and educational institution in South Florida, dedicated to wildlife preservation and education.

Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society Map 2023

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