Swaders Sports Park Map and Brochure (2020 – 2023)

Location: George, Virginia

Years Active: 2009 – Active

Swaders Sports Park in Virginia – it’s been around since 2009. They call themselves family-friendly, but is it really? Sure, there’s go-karts and mini-golf, the usual stuff. But some parents might raise an eyebrow at the intense laser tag battles.

Location is everything. Swaders is easy to get to from Richmond, which probably explains the crowds. They do pack in the attractions – something for everyone if you don’t mind the noise.

Want a break from the action? Forget it. There’s always some festival or event going on. It’s non-stop, which is either a good or bad thing, depending on your tolerance level.

Swaders is popular, no denying that. But is it worth the hype? You’ll have to decide for yourself.

Swaders Sports Park Map 2023

Swaders Sports Park 2021

Swaders Sports Park 2020

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