Swings-N-Things Fun Park Map and Brochure (2018)

Location: Olmsted Falls, Ohio

Years Active: 1990 – Active

Olmsted Falls hides a gem – Swings-N-Things Fun Park. It’s been a local favorite since 1990. Expect a classic carnival vibe. Laughter, screams, the whole nine yards!

They’ve got rides for all guts and ages. Big coasters for the brave, gentler stuff for the kiddos. But it’s not just about rides. Bumper boats, an arcade… sometimes, they even do fireworks on summer weekends!

Now, the inside scoop:

  • Weekdays are best if you hate crowds.
  • Food’s pricey, so pack snacks if you can.
  • Want the best coaster pics? Ride at sunset – the lighting’s magical.

This ain’t Disney World, but it’s got that old-school charm that can’t be faked. Looking for no-frills, classic amusement park fun? Swings-N-Things delivers.

Who is the owner of Swings-N-Things Fun Park?

Tim Sorge is the owner of Swings and Things. He and his wife, Joanne, founded the family fun park in Olmsted Township over 40 years ago. Sorge finds immense joy in managing the park, embracing each day as an opportunity to relive his inner childhood and ensuring that work never feels like a chore.

Swings-N-Things Fun Park Map 2018

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