Toverland Map and Brochure (2023)

Location: Sevenum, Netherlands

Years Active: 2001 – Active

Toverland isn’t your average theme park. It’s tucked away in Sevenum, Netherlands, a small town with a big secret. This place is all about magic…the slightly chaotic kind. You’ve got wild coasters like Fenix (watch out for that first drop!). But there’s also a gentler side – think lazy river boat rides and kiddie carousels.

Toverland’s grown a lot since it opened in 2001. It’s popular, so weekends get packed. Pro tip: weekdays are way better if you hate lines. They’re always adding new stuff too. Word is they’re eyeing some major expansions, so keep an eye out.

Who owns Toverland?

Toverland, an amusement park located in Sevenum, the Netherlands, is privately owned by the Gelissen Group. The Gelissen family, specifically Jean Gelissen Jr., is the primary owner and driving force behind the park. Since its inception in 2001, Toverland has steadily grown and expanded, offering a variety of attractions and experiences for visitors, including themed lands, roller coasters, water rides, and entertainment options.

Toverland Map 2023

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