Universal Studios Beijing Map and Brochure (2023)

Location: Beijing, China

Years Active: 2021 – Active

Welcome to Universal Studios Beijing, a world-renowned theme park located in the heart of Beijing, China. Nestled in the Tongzhou District, this captivating entertainment destination has captured the hearts of visitors since its grand opening on September 20, 2021. Universal Studios Beijing brings the magic of Hollywood to the vibrant Chinese capital, offering a captivating blend of film-inspired attractions, immersive experiences, and a glimpse into the enchanting world of movies.

At Universal Studios Beijing, visitors can embark on an extraordinary journey through seven themed lands, each brimming with cinematic wonders. From the futuristic allure of Transformers Metrobase to the whimsical charms of Kung Fu Panda Land of Awesomeness, the park’s diversity of experiences caters to guests of all ages and interests. Iconic attractions such as the Jurassic World Adventure and the spectacular WaterWorld stunt show promise thrills and excitement for all. Additionally, the park hosts an array of captivating festivals and events throughout the year, enhancing the visitor experience with seasonal magic and cultural celebrations.

Universal Studios Beijing has quickly become a beloved destination for both local and international tourists. In its inaugural year, the park welcomed millions of eager guests, solidifying its status as a must-visit attraction in China. With plans for expansion and the continuous introduction of new attractions, Universal Studios Beijing is set to captivate the imagination of even more visitors in the years to come, making it a cornerstone of entertainment in the heart of the Chinese capital.

Does Beijing have Universal Studio?

Beijing is home to Universal Studios Beijing, a theme park and entertainment complex located in the Tongzhou District of the city. Universal Studios Beijing opened its doors to the public on September 20, 2021, making it the fifth Universal Studios theme park in the world.

How many rides are in Universal Studios Beijing?

Universal Studios Beijing offers visitors a diverse range of rides and attractions. The park features more than 30 rides and attractions, including thrilling roller coasters, immersive 3D and 4D experiences, and family-friendly rides based on popular movies and franchises. The exact number of rides may change over time as the park continues to evolve and expand its offerings.

Is Universal Beijing worth it?

Whether Universal Studios Beijing is worth a visit depends on individual preferences and interests. The park offers a wide variety of entertainment options, including rides, shows, and themed areas inspired by beloved Universal Pictures franchises like Jurassic Park, Transformers, and Harry Potter. Visitors who are fans of these movies and enjoy theme park experiences are likely to find Universal Studios Beijing worth the visit. Additionally, the park’s immersive design and attention to detail can provide a memorable and enjoyable experience for many guests. However, factors like ticket prices, crowd levels, and personal preferences should be considered when determining if it’s worth it for any specific visitor.

Universal Studios Beijing Map 2023

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